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APHG Review Test

Study for APHG Review

What is absolute Location? Exact Location
What is an example of an absolute location? New York City's absolute location is 40.6700 degrees N, 73.9400 degrees W.
What is Relative Location? Location of a place as described by its surroundings.
What is an example of a relative location?` Louisville is in Northern Kentucky, West of Lexington and located besides the Ohio River.
What is a site? Physical makeup of a place
What is an example of a Site? New York City's site is next to the harbor and is relatively flat coastal city
What is Situation? The geographical makeup of place including, its political, economic, or social characterisitic
What is Latitude? -Range of degrees goes from 0 degrees to 90 degrees -Equator is the latitudinal line of 0 degrees -North-> South
What is Longitude? -Range of degrees goes from 0-180 -Prime Meridian is the longitudinal lines -East-> west
List the disadvantages and advantages of the Robinson projection (Oval Map) ADV.= >minimizes errors in distortion DIS.= >Does not maintain completely accurate area, shape, distance, or direction
List the disadvantages and advantages of the Mercator Projection (Cylindrical Map) ADV.= >Maintains accurate direction DIS.= >Landscape size are artificially increased to make industrialized developed countries appear to account for a greater percentage of the total geographical area than they really do
List the disadvantages and advantages of the Azimuthal Projection (Planar Map) ADV.= >Correct distances between places when taken from the center of projection DIS.= >You cant see the entire world (South or North)
List the disadvantages and advantages of the Peters Projection (Cylindrical Map) ADV.= >Retains accurate sizes of all the world's landmasses DIS.= >Too Political
What is Cartography? Map Making
What are chloropleth Maps Uses shades of tones/colors to represent how strongly they represent that data/theme
What are Cartogram Maps The greater the value of the unit used, the larger the are is used to represent that variable
What is an Isoline Map connects points of very similar or equal values
Dot Density One dot represents a unit of something; the more dots there in one area, the stronger the presence of the theme
Proportional symbol Size of the chosen symbol represents the statistical value/ relative magnitude for a given geographic region
What is placelessness and give an example The loss of unique characteristics that places once had, due to globalization. EX.= >if all states in US had a gigantic arch then St. Louis would lose its sense of place because it no longer stands apart from other states
What is spatial Perspective How humans interact with there surrounding
What is Relocation and expansion diffusion Relocation= the physical movement from one place to another Expansion= the spreading of something, like an idea through contagious, stimulus, or hierarchical
What is small and large scale SMALL= shows large area in small detail LARGE= Shows small areas in large detail
What is environmental Determinism -natural factors control the development of human physiological and mental qualities EX= People living in extremely cold environments tend to have slow thinking processes
What did Carl Saeur believe in people had the ability to modify their surroundings and that this ability could be easily seen in cultural landscapes
What is possibilism give an example people use their creativity to decide how to respond to the conditions or constraints of a particular natural environment EX= Pesticides were created so people living in regions with plant damaging bugs could continue growing plants
North America's important countries -Canada -US
Central America -Latin america >Mexico >Panama -Brazil
South America -Latin America >Argentina >Colombia -Brazil
Europe -Western Europe >France >Italy -Eastern Europe >Poland >Ukraine
What is Arithmetic Density number of people per unit area of land
What is Physiological Density number of people per unit area of arable land
What is Arable land -Land that can be used for agriculture
What are population pyramids -Two sided vertical bar graphs used in demography. They are used to what percentages of people in certain age groups make up a population
What is internal Migration Migration that occurs within a single country's border -ppl travel rural-> urban -look for work -americans move ever 6 yrs -rural-> medium sized cities
what is external migration moving to a new home in a different state, country, or continent -mostly from europe (ppl migrate to US) -Migration depleted bec. Great depression -
What is a refugee an individual or group that leaves his/her to avoid persecution or out of concern for their own personal safety
What is Voluntary Migration occurs when a person or group willingly moves from one place to another
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