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Unit 13 Test

World History Chapter 13

Which 3 nations belonged to the Triple Alliance? Germany, Italy, and Austria Hungary
Which 3 nations belonged to the Triple Entente? Great Britain, France, and Russia
Which 2 non-Balkan nations competed for dominance of the Balkans? Russia and Austria Hungary
What was militarism? policy of glorifying military power and keeping an army prepared for war
How are imperialism and militarism linked? as countries gain colonies, they need more military to protect colony
What was the key factor in the formation of the Triple Alliance and Triple Entente? 1. Bismark's fear of France 2. Britain's fear of Germany
Why did Bismark seek the alliances that became the Triple Alliance? wanted to isolate France
Which nation’s heir was assassinated in 1914 by a Serbian nationalist in Sarajevo? Archduke F. Ferdinand
Which nation was unified under Otto Von Bismark and ruled later by Kaiser Wilhelm II? Germany
Which nation was the first to declare war in The Great War (WWI)? Austria-Hungary
Which countries were Europe’s Great Powers? Great Britain, France, Germany, Austria Hungary, Russia, Italy
Which nation did Otto Von Bismark believe was the greatest threat to peace in Europe? France
What region/area was called the “powder keg” of Europe? Balkins
Why were Germany and Austria-Hungary known as the Central Powers? their central location
Which country was part of the Triple Alliance, but refused to join the Central Powers? Italy
Which countries were part of the Allied Powers in the first weeks of the war? Great Britain, France, Russia, Japan
Who declared war on Russia after Russia began mobilizing troops, and then also declared war on France? Serbia
What was trench warfare supposed to do? Protect from enemy gunfire on the front lines
On which front was trench warfare mainly used? Western
What country was the Schlieffen Plan designed to defeat first? France
What was were the steps in the Schieffen Plan? Win West first and then Russia
What was “no man’s land”? area between trenches
Why did Germany return to unrestricted submarine warfare in 1917? keep cargo ships from reaching Britain
What is a “total war”? devoting a nation's resources to war efforts
What was rationing supposed to limit? purchase of consumer goods
What is the purpose of propaganda? influence public opinion (censorship = anti-war ideas)
Which country’s actions caused the U.S. to enter WWI? Germany
What did the Zimmerman note (telegram) say? Germany would help Mexico gain southwestern US of they joined the central powers
What event ended the war? armistice signed near Paris
Who proposed the “general association of nations” that became the League of Nations? W. Wilson
Who represented each of the Big 4 powers at the Paris Peace Conference? Fr. George Clemenceau
What did the war guilt clause say that Germany had to do? 1.Demilitarize 2.pay reparations 3.give up colonies
What were the countries initially excluded (kept out at first) from the League of Nations? Germany/Russia
Who did the Treaty of Versailles blame for the war? (This country was forced to assume sole responsibility for the war.) Germany
How did the Treaty of Versailles affect postwar Germany? (did the Germans like the treaty?) caused bitterness and hatred
What was the policy of unrestricted submarine warfare/? Sink any British ships
What did Americans think about joining the League of Nations? Believed US should stay out of foreign affairs
What were the 14 Points a plan for? Plan of peace for post war world
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