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Anesthetic Drugs/ Surgery and Diagnostic Procedures

What is the preparation that is capable of taking away sensation; especially painful sensation? anesthetic drug
What is the injection of an anesthetic agent into the space on top of the dura mater? epidural anesthesia
What is the drug that is capable of producing loss of consciousness and total loss of sensation? general anesthesia
What is the drug that causes anesthesia only in a particular area? local anesthesia
What is an anesthetic agent is injected near a nerve supplying the area to be treated? nerve block
What is an anesthetic agent injected into the subarachnoid space to block the nerves below the level of the agent? spinal anesthesia
What is the agent that is painted on the surface of a structure, especially those structures that are covered by mucous membranes? topical anesthetic
What is a two-dimensional picture that has been taken at various levels of tissue by an x-ray machine that circles around the body on an axis? CT or CAT scan
What is the cutting into the spinal cord? cordotomy
What is the incision into the cranium to open the skull? craniotomy
What is the technique of exposing the nerve tissue to extreme cold to destroy specific areas of tissue? cryoneurosurgery
What is a measurement and recording of the electrical activity of the brain? electroencephalogram (EEG)
What is the excision of a thin, flat plate of bone of one or more vertebrae? laminectomy
What is the cutting into a lobe of the brain, usually the frontal lobe, to alter brain function? lobotomy
What is a spinal tap, which is the procedure is performed by inserting a long needle between two lumber vertebrae to take a sample of cerebrospinal fluid, to measure cerebrospinal pressure, or to anesthetize the lower part of the body? lumbar puncture
What is the diagnostic procedure using a magnetic field to bounce off beams, which are then converted to a picture? magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)
What is the excision of part of a sympathetic nerve? sympathectomy
What is the cutting out a circular piece of bone from the skull using an instrument called a trephine? trephination
What is a procedure done to divert(redirect) cerebrospinal fluid to another part of the body to release some of fluid that collects in the venticles for the condition referred to as hydrocephalus? ventricular shunting
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