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Decline of Feudalism


What did King Henry II do? He issued a document that spelled out the king's traditional rights and he insisted a jury formally accuse someone of a crime and heard before a royal judge.
What problems did King Henry II cause? It led to a serious conflict with the church.
Who was King John? He was King Henry II's younger son.
What did King John do to make enemies? Lost lands the English controlled in France and taxed his heavily nobles and ignored their rights.Fought the church and collected money from church properties.
How did the nobles address the problems with King John? The barons forced a meeting with King John and made him sign the Magna Carta
What did the Magna Carta do? The Magna Carta was an agreement between the nobles and the king.
Describe the Model Parliament? King Edward II made this and it included commoners, church officials, and nobles.
How did these events lead to the decline of feudalism? Power was shifting from the lords to the monarchs. Power began shifting towards the common people.
Where did the Black Death begin? It began in Central Asia, possibly China.
Where did the Black Death spread? China, India, Europe, along the Silk Road, Italy by ship, North and West into Europe and England
What were the symptoms of the Black Death? Fever, vomiting, coughing, sneezing, egg sized swelling, bumps, black and blue blotches.
What contributed to spread the plague? Dirty conditions, bacteria carried by fleas on rats, bathing and changing of clothes was not often, streets were filled with human waste, dead animals, and trash.
How did the Black Death affect the Jews'? People blamed the Jews for the plague, prejudice led to being persecuted and forced to leave cities and countries throughout Europe.
What did the plague do to the population of Europe? 24 million Europeans died; China's population was reduced by half.
What percent of population died because of plague? 33% of the worlds population
How did the plague affect the feudal system? The need for workers was high, but there were fewer workers due to the plague.
What was the English Peasants' War? The peasants entered London and presented their demands for more rights to King Richard II.
What was the reason for the Hundred Years War? England and France fought a series of wars over control of lands in France.
What's Joan-Of-Arc's story? Joan of Arc was a 17- year old French peasant girl who claimed she heard voices of saints urging her to save France during the Hundred Years' War.
What was the impact of the war on feudalism? The war helped shift the power from feudal lords to monarchs and common people.
What was the impact on military technology? The invention of the longbow(bow and arrow) was effective against knights on horses.
What was the impact on nationalism? There was a new feeling of nationalism which shifted power away from the lords.
What was the impact on peasants? During the war, peasants were forced to serve in the army and pay heavy taxes often.
Created by: alexus.dinger