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Top 200 Column Two

Lyrica pregabalin (Neuropathic Pain)Initial: 150 mg/day in 2-3 divided doses
Imdur isosorbide mononitrate (Angina)Immediate release tablets should be given 7 hours apart.
Nitrostat/Nitroquick nitroglycerin (Angina)
Glucotrol glipizide (Diabetes Mellitus)Maximum: 15 mg (single dose) and 40 mg (total daily dose) before meal.
Rheumatrex methotrexate (Rheumatoid Arthritis)Maximum dose for rheumatoid arthritis: 20 mg/week
Nasacort AQ triamcinolone (Allergies)Maximum Daily Dose: 220 mcg (2 sprays)/day
Nasonex mometasone (Allergies)1 spray= 50 mcg
Flonase fluticasone (Allergies)2 sprays in each nostril once daily
Allegra-D fexofenadine/pseudoephedrine (Allergies)
Patanol olopatadine (Allergies)
Atarax hydroxyzine hydrochloride (Allergies)25 mg tid-qid
Allegra fexofenadine (Allergies)60 mg bid or 180 mg qd
Avandia rosiglitazone (Diabetes Mellitus)
Actos pioglitazone (Diabetes Mellitus)Max: 45 mg qd
Glucovance glyburide/metformin (Diabetes Mellitus)Initial: 1.25/250 mg qd-bid
Glucophage XR metformin (Diabetes Mellitus)Max: 2000 mg/day
Glucophage metformin (Diabetes Mellitus)Starting Dose: 500 mg bid or 850 mg qd
Glucotrol XL glipizide ER (Diabetes Mellitus)Initial: 5 mg qd with breakfast
Amaryl glimepiride (Diabetes Mellitus)Maintenance: 1 to 4 mg qd
Humalog lispro insulin (Diabetes Mellitus)
Lantus glargine insulin (Diabetes Mellitus)50 units SQ one time daily
Desyrel trazodone (Depression)Maximum: 600 mg/day in divided doses
Remeron mirtazapine (Depression)The effective dose range is generally 15 to 45 mg/day
Wellbutrin XL bupropion (Depression)Initial Dose: 150 mg/day. May increase on Day 4 if tolerated.
Wellbutrin SR bupropion (Depression)150 mg bid
Pamelor nortriptyline (Depression)
Elavil amitriptyline (Depression)Maintenance Dose: 40-100 mg qd
Cymbalta duloxetine (Depression)Starting Dose: 30 or 60 mg/day
Effexor XR venlafaxine (Depression)
Zoloft sertraline (Depression)Initial: 50 mg QD
Paxil paroxetine (Depression)
Celexa citalopram (Depression)Maximum: 60 mg/day
Lexapro escitalopram (Depression)Initial: 10 mg/day
Prozac fluoxetine (Depression)10-20 mg once daily up to a max of 80 mg/day
Micronase/Diabeta glyburide (Diabetes Mellitus)Dose increases should be done in no more than 2.5 mg at weekly intervals
Novolog aspart insulin (Diabetes Mellitus)0.5-1 unit/kg/day
Januvia sitagliptin (Diabetes Mellitus)100 mg qd
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