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SE Asia

Xi Jiang Which river is known as the West River and contains many valuable minerals?
Huang He A river that gets its name from the huge amounts of yellow silt it carries is known as
Yalu Jiang This river forms a border between China and North Korea?
Chang Jiang Which river is known as the Long River and is a major trade route?
Coal and iron Natural resources are abundant in Japan?
importing lumber How does Japan conserve its forest?
no room to expand What is a major challenge Japanese cities face?
Coal Petroleum Natural gas Which resources have allowed China to remain self-sufficient?
Gobi Desert Which desert is located in East Asia and one of the largest in the world?
Qin Which dynasty built the original Great Wall and gave China its name?
Britain Which Empire took advantage of China’s weak military and ineffective government?
Communist After the China’s rebellion in the early 1900’s, which political party gained control?
agriculture Where are most Chinese workers employed?
sixty What percentage of all Chinese are employed in agriculture?
Nationalist and communist After the Boxer rebellion, which two groups were struggling for control of China?
Largest fishing industry What advantages has Japan’s seas provided?
landfills What have the Japanese done to reclaim land along the coast?
Confucius This philosopher believed in respect for elders and the government. Believed in the importance of education.
Daoism What is the set of beliefs that the government should leave the people alone and all people should seek peace and harmony with nature.
Mao Zedong Who was the first communist leader of China who gained control after the Boxer Rebellion?
Buddhism What is the religion influence by Taoism and the teachings of Confucius.
Coast Where is China's population located?
fishing Settlements along the coast are likely to develop what type of economy?
resources and transportation Why is the northeast where most of China's industry located?
Flooding What will the 3 gorges Dam prevent?
electricity What will the 3 Gorges Dam generate?
pollution What will be caused by factories submerged by the 3 Gorges Dam?
historical sites what will be lost forever because of the 3 Gorges Dam?
Created by: Domingue
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