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BBC pharm

ch. 35: antihyperglycemic and hypoglycemic meds

first line med fore type II diabetes? metformin. if unsuccessful, dose can be increased, or other drugs can be added.
criteria for diagnosis of DM? faster serum greater than 126 OR random glucose >200 with symptoms OR a serum glucose of >200 2 hrs after 75g glucose given (OGGT) OR HbA1c>6.5%. any pos test must be confirmed with another test.
those that are approaching diabetes type 2 but still do not have the criteria for that diagnosis are said to have.. metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes). fasting serum glucose in these people are 100-125 mg/dL
regular monitor for diabetes sugars after diagnosis should be done how often and with what test? every six months with HbA1c, which should always be maintained below seven percent.
metformin goes under what category of drugs? biguanide.
MOA of biguanide? inhibit absorption of glucose from gut, decrease glucose output y liver, increase glucose uptake in adipose tissue and sk. muscle.
metformin sholuld be stopped when/ prior to administration of IV contrast agents and should not be re started for 48 hours thereafter.
metformin should be avoide din those who... abuse alcohol, severe CHF, or liver or renal failure.
class of a carbose? alpha glucosidase inhibitor. inihibts the GI tracts ability to degrade carbohydrates, making glucose less available for absoprtion.
another alpha glucosidase inhibitor? miglitol, has same MOA and effects as acarbose
MOA of thiazolidinediones? sensitize skeletal muscle and fat tissue to isulin.
MOA of glitazones? potential to cause edema, weight gain, new onset HF, and exacerbation of pre existing CHF. all are heaptotoxic
these are non sulfonylurea secretagogues. meglitides
this category work to promote insulin release from beta islet cells. this MOA has a decreased effect after long term treatment with sulfonylureas. sulfonylureas
this is an analogue of amylin, a rmone released by beta islet cells att eh same tie as insulin is released pramlintide.
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