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Enlightenment/Amer R

Who wrote that people have a natural right to overthrow a government that violates their rights? John Lock
A literary form that developed during the Enlightenment was the novel
What is the purpose of the Bill of Rights? To recognize that the people have rights the government must protect.
Among the Roman ideas that U.S. founders adopted were the senate, the veto, and checks on power.
How did the French and Indian War lead to colonist' dissatisfaction? Colonist had to pay higher taxes to pay for the war effort.
Which statement best describes the idea of Hobbes and Rousseau? Hobbes believes people in their natural state were bad; Rousseau believes they were good.
Which statement best summarizes the difference between baroque and rococo art? Baroque praises kings and queens, while rococo praises religious leaders.
Which book stated that only freely elected governments should impose control on people? The Social Contact
How did the Scientific Revolution lead to the Enlightenment? It encouraged people to use reason to try to understand social, political, and economic issues.
The most sacred text of the Jews is the Torah
What ideas of Montesquieu influenced the United States Constitution? the separation of powers
The year 1776 is considered the United States birthday because the Declaration of Independence was adopted
Bach, Handel, Mozart, and Haydn were all musicians.
principal author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson
informal social gathering where Enlightenment thinkers exchanged ideas salon
Rule discovered by the use of reason natural law
principle that all government power comes from the people popular sovereignty
the type of government created by the Constitution federal republic
proposed the idea of separation of powers in government Montesquieu
argued that the forces of supply and demand in a free market can regulate business activity Adam Smith
his government made policies that helped bring about the American Revolution George III
grand, ornate style of art and architecture popular during the age of Louis XIV baroque
a philosopher, scientist, and legislator Benjamin Franklin
restricting access to ideas and information censorship
Allowing business to operate with little government interference laissez faire
chosen to command the American forces during the American Revolution George Washington
helped spread Enlightenment ideas by compiling articles by leading thinkers into a 28-volume work Diderot
light and delicate artistic style popular during the reign of Louis XV rococo
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