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W His 15

Albert Einstein German scientist-Developed the Theory of Relativity
Theory of Relativity Speed of light is constant,space and time are not.Space & time can change when object moves near the speed of light, all mass contains energy
Sigmund Freud Austrian physician who treated people with psychological problems-decided people have a conscious and unconscious mind
Existentialism Each person creates his or her own meaning in life through their choices and actions
Friedrich Niezsche German philosopher-Western ideas have stifled peoples creativity & actions, people need to return to ancient historic values of pride, assertiveness, and strength
Surrealism Art movement that tried to link the world of dreams with real life
Surreal Means beyond or above reality
Jazz Americanized African American music with a lively loose beat
Charles Lindbergh First person to fly 33 hours solo across the Atlantic ocean
Spirit of St. Louis Lindbergh's airplane
KDKA World's first commercial radio station-was in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania
Guglielmo Marconi Experimented & created the radio in 1895
Coalition Governments Temporary alliance of several parties, needed to form a majority in government
Weimar Republic Democratic government in Germany set up in 1919
Dawes Plan Loaned money to Germany after WWI to stabilize the government and strengthen their economy
Reparations Making of amends for a wrong one has done, by paying money to or otherwise helping those who have been wronged.
Kellogg-Brand Pact Signed by almost every country-pledged to renounce war as an instrument of national policy-didn't work
Great Depression Long business slump
Franklin D. Roosevelt First US Pres. elected after the Great Depression- Brought jobs and help for poor through his New Deal programs
New Deal FDR's plan to rebuild US economy thru public works projects,jobs,and welfare relief programs, agency's gave loans to business and farmers
Fascism Militant political movement, emphasized loyalty to the state and obedience to the leader
Benito Mussolini Italian Fascist leader
II Duce Mussolini's nickname, means "The Leader"
Blackshirts Mussolini's thugs
Adolf Hitler Nazi leader of Germany
Brown Shirts Hitler's thugs
Nazism Fascist policies of the National Socialist German Workers party base on totalitarianism, racial superiority, and state control of industries
Mein Kampt "My Struggle", book containing Hitler's beliefs and goals for Germany that he wrote while in prison
Lebensraum "Living Space" land east of Germany
Gestapo Nazi police
The Fuhrer Hitler's nickname "The Leader"
Hideki Tojo Japanese military commander
Manchuria Seized by Japan in 1931 for it's natural resources
League of Nations All major democratic countries except the US, Germany, Japan and Italy were members
Ethiopia Country in Africa that was invaded by Mussolini, the league of Nations did not come to its rescue,Italy was allowed to take it in hopes of keeping the peace in Europe
Rhineland Zone of land between Germany and France
Appeasement Give in to an aggressor to keep peace
Neville Chamberlain British Prime Minister that used appeasement with Germany
Axis Powers Japan Germany Italy
Isolationism Belief that political ties to other countries should be avoided
Third Reich German Empire
Hirohito Emperor of Japan
Sudetenland Western border region of Czechoslovakia given to Hitler at Munich Conference in exchange for His respect of the existing Czechoslovakian border
Munich Conference Meeting in Munich Germany between Germany, France, Britain, and Italy
Poland Land taken by Germany and the Allies allowed it to happen
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