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Chapter 12 Mr Bever

World History Study Guide

In 1867, Canada became a ___________ or a self-governing area. dominion
This was the change from making goods by hand to making them with machines. Industrial Revolution
What word means "refuse to buy British goods" boycott
This means a supply of workers labor force
A person who wanted to end slavery in the US was called an abolitionist
A person who moves for a period of time to gain freedom immigrant
This means to have two official languages bilingual
What do you call a fee charged on an import tariff
Thus is a person who has worked for a period of years to earn freedom indentured servant
Some scientists think that Native Americans migrated from where? Asia
What was the purpose of the Constitution? Set up the framework of the government
Why was the Louisiana Purchase important to the development of the US? It doubled the size of the country.
Why did some Southern states withdraw from the government in 1860? They feared they would have little say in the government
One event that helped make the US a world power World War I
US feared that the Soviets would expand their power throughout the world, this resulted in The Cold War
Because of the Treaty of Paris 1763, Great Britain gained complete control over who? Canada
Water pollution, soil erosion and ________ are environmental problems we have worked to overcome acid rain
English settlers came to America to do what? Start a new life
In the 1800's the doctrine of Manifest Destiny affected the development of the country by creating westward movement to settle new territories
Why were Southern states mad when California was admitted as a free state? That meant there were more free states than slave states.
Why did some Southern states withdraw from the US (after Lincoln became President) to found a new country
How did the Industrial Revolution affect the poor in the late 1800's? life for the poor did not improve
As a result of the British North American Act of 1867, Canada had its own _____________ central government
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