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Ch 7 Confirmation

Confirmed in Witness

What did St. Paul tell the Corinthians was the purpose of spiritual gifts? to build up the community
We are all Baptized into one _______. Body of Christ
All our spiritual gifts are given to us by the ________. Holy Spirit
Spiritual gifts are meant to be used for the ________. good of all
After Confirmation we may not be automatically _________. wiser
How does growth in in the Spirit take place? over time, gradually, day by day
The Holy Spirit came to the early Christians on __________ . Pentecost
Name the three most important ways to show your growth in the Spirit. participating in the Eucharist, praying, performing works of mercy
Why is the Eucharist the most important part of our week? Give 5 reasons. the Eucharist is our spiritual food, we offer up our struggles and successes, we pray for others, we hear the Word of God, we join with the community
Five ways to live as a disciple of Christ receive the Eucharist, participate in the Sacrament of Reconciliation, pray often, perform works of charity, help build up the community
When we live united to Christ and follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit our life bears the fruit of good works
How can people see the Spirit's presence in you? by seeing our good works, our love for others, our service to others.
There are _______ Fruits of the Spirit 12
Fruits of the Spirit are the result of the Spirit's presence in a believing person and also the result of cooperating with God's grace.
Keep promises, being loyal to God, keep your commitments, being dependable, trustworthy and obedient faithfulness
flows from God's love, love all people without exception, do good to them Goodness
charity, selfless service to others by words and actions, love of God and others as Jesus loves us Love
an ordinary person who showed other ordinary people how to be holy Venerable Pierre Toussaint
showing respect for ourselves and others, moderation in all actions, give credit to God for our successes, refusing to reveal what should remain private Modesty
generous acts of service, compassion, consideration, see the best in others Kindness
helped the poorest and most unloved of God's family, founded an order of Dominican sisters Rose Hawthorne
a religious or other solemn ceremony or act rite
symbol of the Holy Spirit's presence wind
we are called to spread the _________ everywhere by our words, actions and using our gifts in service Good News
We are God's ________________ messengers
discipline your physical and emotional desires, be in charge of your emotions Self-Control
enduring life's sufferings and difficulties, not giving up Patience
accepted oppostion from advisers but did not give up Pope John XXlll
serene, calm, not overly anxious or upset, comes from knowing that all will work out well because God is with us Peace
deep constant gladness in the Lord that circumstances can not destroy, comes from a good relationship with God Joy
being faithful to one's sexuality in conduct and intention, having a healthy attitude toward sex, living out our exuality in a proper manner Chastity
married couple who were celibate to the entire world expect each other, gave to others, example of faithful being called to holiness Luigi and Maria Beltrame Quattrocchi
strength tempered by love, gracious, has power to forgive instead of being angry Gentleness
willingness to give even at a cost to yourself, sacrificing Generosity
He used his talents to help others by housing and educating orphaned and neglected boys and helping them strengthen their relationship with God St. John Bosco
faith does not isolate us or divide us, but it makes us more aware of the interdependence among individuals and among nations, "I've got your back", "I'm with you" solidarity
treat others and our environment with dignity, respect and care Golden Rule
How can you nurture your relationship with God? improve prayer life by reading Scripture and recording your thoughts in a journal
How can you recognize the Fruits of the Spirit in yourself? by the happiness you experience in doing good works
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