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Central Nervous Syst


What are nerve endings called? Receptors or recievers of information
What are nerve endings sensitive to in our skin? Touch, pain, pressure, and temperature
What are the special nerves responsible for? taste, smell, vision, hearing, and sense of postition of movement
What is the central nervous system called? Power Station
What are the two parts of the nervous system? Central and Peripheral
What does the central nervous system consist of? brain and spinal cord
What does the peripheral nervous system consist of? muscles, glands, skin, and other organs
What is the center of all nervous control? Central Nervous System
What literally mean "stem-like portion" of the brain that connects the cerebrum with the spinal cord? Brainstem
What is the control center for voluntary movements and that coordinates mental activity? Cerebrum
What is the outer layer of the cerebrum? Cerebral Cortex
What is the portion of the brain between the front and back halves of the brain? Diencephalon
What two structures of the diencephalon are included? thalamus and hypothalamus
What does the term thalamus mean which denotes its location in the brain? inner chamber
What is the middle part of the brain called? Midbrain
What is another name for midbrain? mesencephalon
What is a small round mass of the brain tissue located in the posterior section of the cranial cavity? Cerebellum
What are the three lobes in the Cerebellum? Two lateral lobes and a central lobe
What is a structure acting like a bridge that lies anterior to the cerebellum and between the midbrain and the medulla? Pons
What is more commonly called the medulla that has pons and soft tissue in the center of the spinal cord? medulla oblogata
What is a tent-like covering over the cerebellum that is made of dura mater and supports occipitals lobes? Tentorium
What is a column of nervous tissue that extends down the center of the vertebrae? spinal cord
What is a root word that means spinal cord? myelo
What are little, rounded cavities that contain cerebrospinal fluid in the center of the brain? Ventricles
How many ventricles are in the brain? Four
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