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Theology Final Exam

Day one: Light and Darkness
Day two: Sea and sky
Day three: Land and Plants
Day four: Sun, Moon, Stars
Day five: Creatures of the Sea and Sky
Day six: Animals and Humans
Day seven: Rests (Sabbath)
Sin Alienates what relationships? Man with God, Man with Animals, Man with Woman, Man with Himself, Man with eternal life
Genesis 1: God is portrayed as the author of creation, Plants are created before humans, Emphasizes God's omnipotence (Power), Explains the origin of the Sabbath, Humans are created in God's image, The goodness of creation is affirmed, Follows a one week timetable
Genesis 2: God creates by shaping out of clay, God is portrayed as the author of creation, Explains the origin of marriage, God blows life into man's nostrils, Explains how the animals got their name, Refers to God as Yahweh Elohim
What is the sign of the covenant (Abraham's Responsibility)? Circumcision
What is organization claimed responsibility for the 9/11 attacks? Al Qadea
What is the name of the individual who "masterminded" the attacks? Osama Bin Laden
#1 reason for doing it? Because the US supported Israel
When was this country (Israel) created? 1946-1947
Who was it created for? Jewish People
What caused the US (and its allies) to want to create it? Holocaust
Why was it created where it was? Supposed to be the Promise land
Who was living there before it was created? Muslims
What happened to them, where are they now? Refugee Camps
What did this country's neighbors do the day it declared its statehood? Attacked Israel
What was the unusual outcome? Israel won
What factor explains this unusual outcome? US paired up with Israel
After 9/11, what country did the US invade? Afghanistan
After 9/11, what second country did the US invade? Iraq
What did this second country have to do with 9/11? Nothing
According to the Introduction, the Old testament texts can be most likely to a? Overheard conversation
The scenario(cartoon) was used to convey this analogy? The Simpsons
This episode was based on a film by who? Alfred Hitchcock
In the introduction, there is a near-sacrifice of who? Issac
This story served to promote what? a more humane practice of religion
A US supreme court decision ruled that the public schools teach? Evolution only
The photograph used in the analogy in Chapter 1 is one of? The planet earth
In chapter 1, this photograph is contrasted with a cartoon involving? Soccer players
In chapter 2, it is contrasted with a cartoon involving? Children holding hands
Enuma Elish Begins with primordial waters, wind is in connection with the waters, There are multiple creators, creation is looked as bad, Humanity is presented as unimportant
Barren Woman mistaken for a drunk Hannah
Last Judge of Israel Samuel
First King of Israel Saul
Father of 8 sons, his youngest was anointed King Jesse
Hebrew word meaning "anointed one" Messiah
God chose him not for his appearance, but for his heart David
Bathing beauty who caught the eye of the King Bathseba
David deliberately had this commander of his killed in battle Uriah
David's advisor; told the story of the sheep Nathan
This Israelite King was known for his wealth, women, and wisdom Solomon
Solomon's Son; First King of the Southern tribes Rehoboam
Solomon's general; First King of the Northern tribes Jeroboam
Capital city of the Northern tribes Samaria
Capital city of the southern tribes Jerusalem
Collective name for the 10 tribes of the north Israel
Collective name for the 2 tribes of the south Judah
God's spokesperson during the divided monarchy Prophets
Foreign power that destroyed the Northern tribes Assyria
Foreign power that destroyed the Southern tribes Babylon
Foreign power that brought the Exile to an end Persia
Year the Northern tribes were destroyed 722 BC
Year the Jerusalem fell and the Southern tribes were conquered 589 BC
Year that the Exile came to an end 539 BC
Foreign power in charge at the time Rome
The average american consumes approx. how much more food than a citizen of a Lesser Developed Country 6x more
Old Testament term to denote the percentage set aside for one's harvest Tithe
Percentage (number) that the Old testament recommends be set aside 10
Percentage of GNP that US typically gives in aid to LDC's .25%
Literally means "good news" Gospel
Literally means "to see from the same perspective" Synoptic
A gift fit for a King Gold
A gift fit for a God Frankincense
A gift symbolizing premature death Myrrh
Prophet taken up in a fiery chariot Elijah
Location at which Elijah was last seen Jordan
Queen devoted to Ba'al who persecuted the prophets of Yahweh Jezebel
Location of the duel between prophets of Ba'al and Yahweh Carmel
He was thought to be an OT prophet returned John the Baptist
Prophetic understudy who refused to leave his master Elisha
Gospel of Matthew One of the synoptic gospels. Joseph had a dream .The birth was inside their house in Bethlehem. They had to travel to Egypt because of King Herod. Three Magi, It was a virgin birth. They followed the star. All of Jerusalem knew; royal birth.
Gospel of Luke There was a census. Jesus was born in a manger in Bethlehem. From Mary's perspective and there was Quirinius. Shepherds and a virgin birth. The angel of Gabriel. It was a humble birth. They had to sacrifice a pair of doves becuase they were poor.
The Introduction of Getting the Gospels focuses on what famous director? James Cameron
What was his well known quotation on Oscar night? "I am the king of the world"
What movie is the borrowed from? Titanic
In its original context what does the quote mean? Good fortune
In the chapter what other famous quote is made reference? "My god, my god why have you abandoned me?"
Jesus borrows this quotes from where? Pslams
As an analogy to the gospel's nativity stories, I use two Christmas stories what are they? Its a wonderful life and Christmas Carol
What are the leading names in each story? Ebeneezer and George Bailey
What are the names of the writes? Charles Dickens and Frank Gabra
In chapter 3, I compare the function of John the Baptist to a well-known object from medieval literature. It was the ? Sword in the Stone
Jesus was baptized in order to what? Take upon himself the sins of others
His name literally means "to laugh" Issac
Who is the Canaanite god represented by the golden calf? Ba'al
Literally means "the law" Torah
This modern branch of Judaism is the most liberal, practicing only few of the laws? Reform
Bread from heaven; Hebrews ate in the desert Manah
Individual to whom God promised land and descendants? Abraham
Father of the 12 tribes Jacob
Abraham's wife; she bore at 90 Sarah
Sarah's slave and she bore Abraham's first born Hagar
Location at which the burning bush event occurred? Mt. Sinai
Eldest daughter, according to the bible, she had "beautiful eyes" Leah
Younger daughter, she was "beautifully formed" Rachel
He made his son-in-law work for him for a total of 14 years Laban
The youngest son of the 12 tribes Benjamin
This dreamer was responsible for bringing the 12 tribes to Egypt Joseph
Literally means "drawn from the water" Moses
He set out a fleece to determine God's will Gideon
Jewish holiday commemorating the 10th plague in Egypt Passover
Local tribal leaders who led the Israelites against their enemies in the Promised land prior to the monarchy Judges
Tribe from which all priests descend Levi
At this place, the walls came tumbling down Jericho
He sold his birth-right for a bowl of lentil stew Esau
His wife tried to seduce Joseph, then falsely accused him of rape Potipher
She helped her younger son steal his birthright from his father Rebekah
This modern branch of Judaism practices many, but not all, of the laws Conservative
Literally means "OK" Kosher
Abraham's first born Ishmael
Sacred name for God given at the burning bush YHWH- Yahweh
What modern day descendants of Abraham's first born son are called today? Muslims
What modern day descendants of Abraham's second born son are called today? Jews
This modern branch of Judaism staunchly practices all of the laws Orthodox
He led the Israelites into the Promise land Joshua
Plant used to apply the lamb's blood to the door frame on last night in Egypt? Hyssop
Body of water God parted to save the Hebrews from Egyptians Red Sea
What three items are consumed at Passover? Unleavened bread, Lamb, Bitter herbs
What are the four components of the "Dance of Faith"? Promise, Questioning, Sign, and Response
What state did Dr. Bridge grow up in? Michigan
Two of his girlfriends shared the same name. What was it? Jen
What is the name of the ex-con who came to live with him? Richard
What vehicle symbolized God's spirit coming to rest in "the land of the north"? Red pickup truck
The process by which bread and wine change into Jesus' body and blood? Transubstantiation
A female member of religious order Sister or Nun
This type of priest reports to this Bishop Diocesan
This denomination split off during the Great Schism around 1000AD Orthodox
This type of priest reports to the head of his religious community Ordered
The term of respect reserved for Blessed Virgin Mary Hyperdulia
A person who the RCC has investigated and officially declared holy Saint
The Christian belief regarding the 3-fold nature of God Trinity
Likened to vapor; its invisible presence can be detected by abundant life Holy Spirit
Ordained "servant" of the RCC; some are transitional, some are permanet Deacon
Likened to ice; God with a concrete form Son
Preside over the sacrifice of the mass and other holy days as in the OT Priest
The RCC's official declaration that a true marriage never took place Annulment
This branch of Christianity formed following Martin Luther's reformation Protestant
The vertical type worship reserved for God alone Latria
Non-ordained male member of a religious order Monk or Brother
An honorary title for a priest Monsignor
Literally means "universal"; was the only church for the first 1000 years Catholic
The horizontal type respect due to Saints Dulia
An outward sign instituted by Christ to give grace Sacrament
A saint with a particular "expertise" based on their life experiences Patron
What the "common people" are called in the RCC Laity
Likened to liquid water; considered to be the creator Father
First Sacrament Baptism
Second Sacrament Confession
Third Sacrament Eucharist
Fourth Sacrament Conformation
Fifth Sacrament Marriage
Sixth Sacrament Ordination
Seventh Sacrament Anointing the Sick (Used to be called Last Rites)
Greek term for family type love Storge
Greek term for friendship type love Philios
Greek term for passionate or lust type love Epithumia
Greek term for romantic type love Eros
Greek term for unconditional type love Agape
Jesus teachings on Agape: Enemies, What story does he tell? Parable of the Good Samaritan
Jesus teachings on Agape: Strangers, What story does he tell? the Sheep and the Goats
Jesus teachings on Agape: Broken Bonds, What story does he tell? Pradigul Son
Who was the Roman governor? Pilate
Who helped Jesus carry his cross Simon of Cyrean
In the gospel of Mark, Luke and Matthew, when was the Passover? Thursday
The three days prior to Easter are called what? Tridium
In the holy week what is Thursday called? Maundy or Holy
In the holy week what is Friday called? Good Friday- because he took the sin for us
In the gospel of John, when is the Passover? Saturday
What is John's title for Jesus? The lamb of God
What are the two theories about the Resurrection? Disciples Hoax and Botched Execution
What two sacraments do Protestants practice? Communion and Baptism
The first through four sacraments are considered to be what? The Sacraments of Initiation
The fifth and sixth sacrament are known as what? The Sacraments of Vacation
Which sacraments are voluntary? 5-7
Who denies Jesus three times? Peter
Who denies Jesus and kisses him on the cheek in the garden? Judas
Created by: rebekah.rideout
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