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Units 6-11

Greek Geography Greece=peninsula, mountains lead to independent city-states
Athens democracy, philosophy (Socrates, Plato), architecture (Parthenon)
democracy rule by people, Athens
Sparta military or militarism
Golden Age of Athens political stability, Pericles, Parthenon humanism
Alexander the Great spread of Hellenic (Greek) culture, creation of Hellenistic culture - cultural diffusion
Ancient Rome government, law, roads
Roman Empire strong central government
Pax Romana political stability, Golden Age
Roman Roads infrastructure, helps trade
Fall of the Roman Empire result: chaos and disorder
Christianity monotheism, 10 commandments
Islam monotheism, Quran, Five Pillars, pilgrimage, Mecca, Allah, Muhammad, Ramadan
Golden Age of Islam math and science
Economies of Ancient Africa gold and salt
Mansa Musa Golden Age of Mali, pilgrimage to Mecca -Islam (cultural diffusion)
Bantu Migrations Cause: population increases cause food shortages. Effect: cultural diffusion
Ibn Battuta travels encourage Arab trade with Africa (his writings are a primary source)
Tang and Song Dynasties Golden Age in China, science, art, gunpowder, etc. (political stability)
Mongols Genghis Khan, stirrup, largest land empire in history
Animism nature
Geography of Japan archipelago, mountains lead to terrace farming
terrace farming in japan farming in mountains, adapting to geography
shinto nature- Japan
feudalism in Japan exchange of land for services, samurai=warriors, no strong central gov't
samurai and Bushido samurai-warriors of Japan Bushido - code of honor for samurai
Byzantine Empire Eastern 1/2 of the Roman Empire, preserve Greek and Roman culture
Constantinople strategic location for trade
Justinian's Code written laws, preserve Greek and Roman law
Byzantine Empire's cultural diffusion to Slavs Cyrillic alphabet, Eastern Orthodox Church
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