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Unit 4 Faith Words

How Does the Church Live As the Body of Christ

a call to a way of life vocation
Our call from God to holiness and to evangelization common vocation
poverty, chastity, and obedience evangelical counsels
the name that we give to the body of laws that govern the Church canon law
deliberate and free promises made to God vows
the state of those who have chosen to remain single, promising to devote themselves to the work of God and the Church for the sake of the Kingdom celibacy
a good habit that helps us to act according to God's love for us virtue
the virtues of faith, hope, and charity theological virtues
a statement of belief creed
the four characteristics of the Church: one, holy, catholic, and apostolic marks of the church
acts of love that help us care for the physical and material needs of others Corporal Works of Mercy
acts of love that help us to care for the needs of people's hearts, minds, and souls Spiritual Works of Mercy
the sharing of our resources or time to help those who are poor or in need almsgiving
Jesus Christ's coming at the end of time to judge all people last judgment
opposing every form of injustice in society and working to promote justice for all people social justice
the value and worth that we share because God created us in his image and likeness human dignity
conduct in conformity with God's will righteousness
the teaching of the Church that calls all members to work for justice and peace as Jesus did. Catholic social teaching
the well-being of every individual person and of the whole society to which everyone belongs common good
a denial after Baptism of a truth of the faith heresy
a total abandonment of one's faith apostacy
refusal to submit to the leadership of Peter's successor, the pope, or a lack of unity with the members of the Church schism
the work to promote the unity of all Christians ecumenism
the union of all the baptized members of the Church on earth, in heaven, and in purgatory communion of saints
the truth that at the end of her earthly work, God brought Mary body and soul to heaven to live forever with the risen Jesus Assumption
the raising of our minds and hearts to God prayer
the virtue that enables us to acknowledge that God is the source of all good humility
to dedicate someone or something to God or to make something holy in God's name bless
prayer in which we ask something of God petition
a type of petition in which we ask for something on behalf of another person or a group of people intercession
prayer in which we show our gratitude to God for all he has given us thanksgiving
prayer in which we give glory to God for being God praise
an official public prayer of the Church celebrated at specific times, or hours, throughout the day Liturgy of the Hours
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