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BBC Pharm

ch. 29: Anticoagulants

binds to antithrombin III, enhancing antithrombin activity, which normally binds and inhibits clotting factors 9,10,11,12, and 2,13 also. speeds up and augment this normal process. major durg for PE, DVT, acute MI. heparin
it takes heparin how long to work with IV applicatoin? minutes
antidote to heparin? cessation of IV drip, and, if necessary, the administration of protamine sulfate.
this inhibits primarily factor 10. its effects cannot be readily or rapidly reversed. it does not start to be cleared from the body until at least 12 hrs from last administration and there is no antidote. LMW heparin
what is one advantage of low molecular weight heparin? its serum anticoagulation studies do not need to be monitored, whereas they do need to be followed if eregular heparin is used.
list the LMWH dalteparin, enoxaparin
these antagonize vitamin K dependent activation of factors 10,9,7,2. 99% is bound to albumin, and it is easily displaced from albumin, even by sulfonimides. takes 8-12 hours to onset biomechanical effect and 3-5 days for therapeutic effect. warfarin (coumadin) and dicumarol
what is the major ADR of warfarin? hemorrhage
warfarin is contraindicated in.. pregnancy, because it crosses the placenta.
OD of warfarin may be treated with.. vitamin K, it takes at least 24 hours to take effect.
major ADR of warfarin? hemorrhage
is warfarin contraindicated in pregnancy? why? yes because it crosses the placenta.
this is like heparin, a polysaccharide; however is synthetic. it, like haprin, also binds to antithrombin and enhances antithrombin activity. however, it uniquely activates antithrombin to selectively inhibit only factor ten, fondaparinux.
another name for fondiparinaux? rivaroxaban.
are there any known antidote for fondiparinaux and rivaroxaban? no
are serum anticoagulation studies monitored during therapy with fondaparinaux and rivaroxiban? no
clinical sue of fondaparinux? dvt PROPHYLAXIS and treatment
clinical use for rivaroxiban? DVT prophyylaxis in the knee and hip relplacements stroke preventrial, atrial fib.
AE of rivaroxiban? SJS, anaphylactic shock, agranulocytosis. both can also be used inpatients with hparin sensitivity
name the direct thrombin inhibitors (meaning they bind to an dblock the active site on thrombin (factor II)).most are available via IV administration and are generally relegated to use as heparin substitutes in haprin intolerant individuals; argatroban, bivalirudin, lipirudin, dabigatran
adverse effects of debigatran? severe type 1 hypersensitivities
name some thrombolytics (meaning they lyse or break preformed clots). streptokinase, urokinase, and tPA.
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