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E and SE Asia

World Geography Test

what type of climate does Japan have? Temperate
What is Japans most populated island? Harrow
How much of Japan's land is arable? 1/8
Japan has the highest what in the world? Population density
How are buildings built in Japan? Up
Japan is really what? Underwater mountain peaks
How was Japan formed? Tectonic plate collision
How do farmers farm in Japan? By making terraces or draining marshes
Where does most of Japan's population live? On narrow coastal plains
What kinds of natural disasters occur in Japan? Earthquakes and volcanoes
Describe Japan's climate? long winters and cool summers
When is Typhoon season in Japan? Late summer- early winter
What positive effect does the Oyashio Current have on Japan? A high fish harvest
Most people in Japan live in what type of building? Apartments
What are some environmental problems of Japan? Pollution and waste
What percent of Japanese are of common heritage? 99%
The Japanese make outcasts of which groups? Alinu and Burkumin
What is Japan's Main 3 religions? Shinto, Bhudism, and Confucianism
Japan has been influenced by where? The west
Who was the first Communist leader of China? Mao Zedong
Mao believed in power in what? Numbers
Who created the one couple one child policy? Deng
Why did China receive criticism? Human rights
How many ethnicities are in China? 56
How many characters must one know? 2,000- 3,000
What is the main language of China? Mandarin
What is China's official state of religion? Atheism
What religion deals with good behavior? Confucianism
What religion deals with happiness? Daoism
What one religion was accepted during hard times? Falun Gong
Deng replaced Mao in what year? 1979
What were the four improvements Deng wanted to focus on? agriculture, industry, science and technology, and defence
When did Sun Yat Sen become president? 1911
When did Sun die? 1920's
Who started the red guards and cultural revolution? Mao
Who turned the nation into a fighting force? Chiang
When did Chiang become the national president? 1928
What is not valued in China? Technology
Where did Chiang flee to? Ja Ang Xi
When was Communism born? 1945
What is the main crop in China? Rice
China lacks what? Military technology
Who forced themselves to China and upset trade? The U.S. and Europe
When did China experience spheres of influence from Europe? 1900's
What group wanted to give the nation power? Nationalists
What did China's people want in 1989? Democracy
What is China's Government? Communist
What Chinese region was the core and cultural hearth? North East
Why is the Huang He the yellow river? loess
What Chinese region has mountains and a warm and wet climate? The South East
What Chinese region is rugged and has little growth? North west
What Chinese region contains Tibet? South West
Where is China's elevation the lowest? South East
When did the emperor abdicate? 1911
What party wanted a government based on democracy and capitalism? Nationalists
What party wanted to give land to landless pheasants and more power to workers? Communists
Who won the civil war? Mao
What two regions use intensive farming? Northeast and southeast
What is Taiwan's main landform? Mountains
Why was Taiwan Invaded? To vote against Lee
What city is the leader in world trade? hong Kong
What city had free enterprise for 99 years? Hong KOng
When did Mongolia gain its independence? 1921
Who followed Russia's example? Mongolia
What type of economy does Mongolia have? Free market
What is Mongolia's main economic activity? Nomadic herding
Which Korea has a low population, is rural, has a continental climate, has Mountains, uses hydroelectricity, is communist, isolated, and has a low standard of living? North Korea
Which Korea has a high population, subtropical climate, arable land, nuclear power, and is not communist? South Korea
No single group ever what? United the nation
China viewed outsiders as what? Barbarians
What country lacked unity? Myanmar
What are the religions in order of Myanmar, Philippines, and Indonesia? Buddhism, Christian, and Indonesia
What is the only country not colonized by Europeans? Tailand
Cultural heterogeneity is found in what country? Indonesia
What country has an important location? Singapore
What country has ethnic diversity and poor communication? Paupa New Guinea
What country was ruled by Spain? Cambodia
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