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Quiz Review

World history to 1500

What trade route did China use until the 15th century, when they began to use sea routes? The Silk Road
What was one of the main things Confusciious used in his teaching? Reciprocity
According to Confuscism, how could people be motivated to better behavior? Models for good rulers
What is an example of a punishment that Emperor Qin Shi would call for on a scholar that disagreed with him? Burned Alive
What technological advance allowed Toba to build the Northern Wei State? Stirrup
Why were the first founding hospitals created? To deal with unwanted daughters
4x4 vehicles have been threatening what type of salt trade in Africa? Camel Caravan
What had happened to Mohammad by the age of 6? His parents died.
What civilization derives their name from the Egyptian word for "gold"? Nubia
Which was a way that the rain forest areas South of the Sahara were prepared? Slash and Burn
What sanctuary in Mecca is said to go back to the time of Abraham? The Kaaba
Which Islams believe in the literal translation of the Quaran? Traditionalists
Whom did the Papal States turn to when attacked by the Lombards? The Franks
Who were not allowed to own their own land nor grind their own wheat (it had to be taken to the land owner's mill)? Serfs
What encounter led Francis's life to be turned to reflection and service after he was freed from prison? One inside an abandoned church
What is the official title of the pope? Bishop of Rome
The investiture controversey in the 11th and 12th centuries resulted in an increase in the power of _______? The pope
Which monastic order was dedicated to the caring of the sick and the poor? Franciscans
European lords were referred to as ________, not war lords. Feudal Lords
Instead of being examples of European colonization, the Crusades were ________ mainly responded to by peasants. Pilgrimages
In 1095, Pope Urban 2 called for a crusade to retake which lands? Jerusalem and The Holy Lands
Which pope excommunicated the crusaders for mounting an attack on the Christian City of Zara? Pope Innocent 3
The Hundred's Year War was most devastating to which class in France? Pesants
What is an outward and physical sign of a spiritual grace? Sacrament
What is described as the "central of Christian dogmas"? An Eucharist
What were the two honors given to the narrator by the bridge builders? First to cross the bridge and she was named the godmother of the bridge
Tenochtitlán and Tlatelolco were islands built by which tribe in Mexico? Aztecs
The God of the Sun sent th Inca what to illustrate that he chose them? A Golden Rod
What was a knotted rope called Khipo used to record? Mit'a obligation
What did the Inca build down the length of the Andes mountain chain to allow for easier communication? Parallel Trunk Roads
What did the Inca build suspension bridges from? Thick grass ropes
Created by: alindley