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Renaissance means the"rebirth" of__________after the plague in 1300's-1500's. Culture
Re-education of society in_________AKA Greece and Rome. Antiquity
________-the individual is the most important. Humanism
The Dark ages happened___-1500 BCE. 500
Humanism is all about self__________and education. Achievement
"Man is center and measure of all things."-__________500 BCE. Pythagoras
More rich people means more time to think-_______Culture. Hoarder
Muslims preserved mos______and Roman texts. Greek
They were all about education in 300-___ yrs. befor Europe. 500
China explored_________and Europe in the 1300's. America's
_____-Birthplace of the renaissance. Italy
The Vatican is the Popes______. Church
Italy breaks up into city-states ruled by rich________. Families
The other name they have for the pope is_____. Papal
The Medici family was a merchant family and they ruled Florence in the 1400's they were in the center of the__________. Renaissance
The medici family was also a supporter of the____. Arts
The renaissance art was funded by wealthy patrons, the church, and__________. Monarchies
Most of he art was religion or about antiquity, they were very realistic, with shading and________ techniques. Lighting
Fresco is a painting onto wet_______. Plaster
Leonardo da Vinci was a renaissance man, that means he was good a lot of______. Things
Leonardo was a artist, mathematician, _________, engineer, wrier, and military strategist. Scientist
Michelangelo was a "___________ Man" too. Renaissance
He was a sculptor, painter, poet, _________, and an engineer. Architect
Michelangelo made The Pieta which is a sculpture of Mary with_____ after the cross. Jesus
Raphael is a "Renaissance Man" too, he was a ________, and a painter. Sculptor
He was buried in the Saint Peters_________, Vatican. Cathedral
Martin Luther was a monk and a_________. Professor
He also protested at other________. Churches
Posted 95 theses in 1517, copied and ____ everywhere, from France, England, and Italy. Read
_______-Goes against church. Heretic
Everyone should be able to read the Bible or also known as the__________-Language of the people. Vernacular
Anyone should be able to preach, if your _____ and a dude. White
They call Luther's trial the "Diet of Worms", Luther got ______________, he cant talk to God. Excommunicated
He wouldn't take back his words-______. Recant
Hid with friends, while there he translated the bible from _____ into German. Latin
Gutenberg _________ it. Published
Luther's wife was _________ ___ ____ she was an ex escaped nun. Katharina von Bora
_________ called themselves protestants-protestors. Lutherans
Peasants ______, Luther said "Don't". Revolt
Tens of _______ were killed. Thousands
1555 Peace of Augsburg each prince decides their ________. Religion
Henry VIII was the king of England he abandons the Catholic Church when they won't let him divorce to his ____. Wife
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