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Chapter 15 Pullin

The Renaissance and Reformation

A bridge between the Middle Ages and modern times The Renaissance
Another name for the Renaissance Rebirth (French)
Paintings by Leonardo da Vinci -The Mona Lisa -The Last Supper
What did art during the Renaissance focus on? Humanism (search for realism and emotion in art)
After spreading in Italy, the Renaissance moved in which direction? North
In Northern Europe, what was the major focus of the Renaissance? Religion
Which church was the Reformation against? The Catholic Church or the Church
Leader of the Church The Pope
What did Martin Luther write down and post on the church doors in Wittenburg, Germany? The 95 Theses
Why did Henry VIII want to divorce his wife, Catherine? He wanted a male heir which she could not provide
Anabaptists Against the baptism of infants because they are not old enough to accept the teachings of Christianity
How did the Church regain strength during the Reformation? By carrying out reforms and ending corruption.
Secular Non-religious view of the world
Patron Someone who buys art
de' Medici Family Banking and patronizing family who helped stimulate the arts
Niccolo Machiavelli The Prince
John Calvin Reformer based in Switzerland
Created by: loganpullin