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Units 1-5 Review

primary source autobiography, diary, journal, personal correspondence
archaeologist studies artifacts
economist trade, goods and services, money, use of resources
geographer climate, impact of geography and location
Traditional Economy barter, subsistence farming, same job as parents
subsistence farming growing only enough to provide for yourself or your family
Judaism 10 commandments, monotheism, torah, diaspora
Mauryan Empire Indian Empire
Gupta Empire Golden Age of India, zero, Sanskrit, math and science, medicine
Daoism nature, China
Qin Dynasty Qin Shihuandi (absolute ruler), legalism, Great Wall, China, terra cotta soldiers
Great Wall of China purpose: protection and keep out foreign influence from China
Legalism China - harsh punishments for lawbreakers will cause people to be "good" - similar to Hammurabi's Code
Han Dynasty Trade, roads
Silk Road Trade between Europe (Roman Empire), Middle East and China, cultural diffusion
Neolithic Revolution Domestication, farming, agriculture, river valleys, civilization
Mesopotamia Tigris and Euphrates, Hammurabi's Code ("eye for an eye"), Fertile Crescent, ziggurat, cuneiform
Ancient Egypt Nile River, pyramids, hieroglyphics
Indus Valley urban planning
Shang Dynasty oracle bones, Mandate of Heaven, Huang He (Yellow) River, China
Hinduism caste system, polytheistic, karma, dharma, reincarnation
Buddhism Siddhartha Gautama, rejects caste system, nirvana, reincarnation, Four Noble Truths, Eightfold Path
Confucianism social order, Five Relationships, Filial Piety, reciprocity, Analects
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