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Prologue test

Test on Greeks Romans Jews Christians and the Enlightenment

Byzantine emperor who reformed the Roman law code Justinian
leader who gains power by force tyrant
principle that no one can be jailed without first being charged with a specific crime habeas corpus
a form of government that means "thing of the people" republic
legal system based on custom and court rulings English common law
panel of citizens who have the authority to make final judgement in a trial jury
followers chosen by Jesus to help him in his ministry apostles
founded the Israelite nation Abraham
Israelite who led Hebrews from out of slavery in Egypt to Canaan Moses
people authorized to perform religious ceremonies clergy
A government in which a king or queen exercises central power Monarchy
A government by the people Democracy
Who is the best teacher at EHS Coach Winter
a ruler who has complete control over a government Dictator
a promice or binding agreement covenant
spiritual leader who interprets God's will prophet
spread the teachings of Jesus to non-Jews Paul
a savior sent by God messiah
a guy who comes down the chimney at christmas Santa
Which Greek city-state was feared warrior society? Sparta
Under Roman law, persons accused of a crime had the right to face the accuser and offer a defense
Israelites differed from many ancient people i that they did not believe their rules were exempt from God's law
Which leader played the most influential role in the early spread Christianity beyond Jewish communities? Paul
Among the Roman ideas that the U.S. founders adopted were the senate, the veto, and checks on power
Julius Ceasar was murdered because his opponents thought he was trying to make himself king
Pax Romana refers to Rome's long period of peace, order, unity, and prosperity
What set Jews apart from other people of the Roman Empire? They prayed to a single God
The most sacred text of the Jews is the Torah
Which religion was begun by a jewish group after the diaspora? Christianity
Christians fulfill their covenant with their Love for humankind
Why did the Romans persecute early Christians Romans and suspected Christians of being disloyal
Created by: Coachwinter