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Global Studies

Political Revolutions

Political Revolutions event in which people of a country overthrow an existing government and create a new government
Glorious Revolution (1689) England; power of monarchs (kings) limited
Constitutional Monarchy form of government where the power of monarchs (kings) is limited (decreased) by written laws
These documents limited the power of the English kings Magna Carta; The Petition of Right; The English Bill of Rights; Habeas Corpus
Parliament English lawmaking body that represents the people
French Revolution (1789-1815) French people overthrew King Louis XVI
Causes of French Revolution 1) lowest social class paid highest taxes and had fewest rights 2)rule of an absolute monarch - people felt they had rights taken away 3) Kings spent too much money and put France in debt
Declaration of the Rights of Man French document giving equal rights to men of France and created a fair system of taxation
Reign of Terror leaders of French REVOLUTION executed thousands of people they thought were still loyal to the king
Robespierre leader of the Jacobins who were the radical group that led the French Revolution
Effects of the French Revolution 1) King Louis XVI executed 2) middle class of France gained more rights 3) Napoleon Bonaparte came to power
Napoleon Bonaparte Leader after French Revolution; expanded France's territory
nationalism feeling or sense of pride in one's country
What led to Napoleon's defeat? the invasion of Russia in the WINTER of 1812 - his soldiers could not survive the harsh climate and many died (Hitler made the same mistake in World War II)
Latin American Revolutions colonies in Central America, South America and the Caribbean fought to gain independence from France, Spain and Portugal
Reasons for the Latin American Revolutions 1) governments controlled by peninsulares (people born in Spain and Portugal)treated people living in Latin America poorly 2) ideas of the Enlightenment 3)positive results from the American Revolution and the French Revolution inspired the Latin Americans
Important people of the Latin American Revolutions
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