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Topics 6-10

What are the five main parts of a typical Pauline letter? Salutation, Thanksgiving, Body, Paraenesis, Closing
What is included in the Salutation? Paul sends greetings to Church X:Grace and Peace.
What is the Thanksgiving? It developed out of a standard prayer for recipient. Paul gives thanks and mentions prayers for recipients in every letter except Galations. He often "telegraphs" key themes.
What is in the Body of the letter? The body includes opening formulas: "I appeal to you..." "I want you to know..." Includes autobiographical section with a defense of his apostleship and news about himself.
What is included in the Paraenesis? This is the ethical teaching near the end. Could include string of maxims and lists of vices and virtues.
What is included in the Closing of the letter? Sometimes includes peace wish. There is a greeting which often mentions individuals by name and could be written by Paul's own hand.The Kiss-"Greet all the brothers and sisters with a holy kiss." And the Grace benediction..."The grace of our Lord Jesus Ch
Define Paraenesis. Ethical instruction.
What are "occasional" writings? They were intended to deal with particular issues in particular churches. Substitutes for personal presence or pastoral visit. One side of on-going conversation.
What is the Literary genre of Paul's writings? Deissmann says "genuine letters."
What traditional material does Paul use? The Lord's Supper, Resurrection, Apostolic Kerygma,Words of Jesus, Christian Liturgy, Paraenesis.
Define Rhetoric Art of persuasion.
What are the two kinds of rhetoric? Forensic and deliberative.
Church of Thessalonica Founded on Second JourneyChurch is predominantly GentileChurch has suffered persecution
Church in Thessalonica is founded on the Second Journey Jews stir up opposition. Paul is accused of "turning world upside down" and claiming Jesus as "another king" instead of the emperor. Paul left suddenly by night under pressure from hostile Jews.
Church in Thessalonica is predominantly Gentile Paul preached monotheism. His mission is to bring Gentiles into worship of the one true God of Israel
Church in Thessalonica has suffered persecution Not official Roman persecution but informal, local opposition.
Author of 1 Thessalonians Undisputedly Paul
Date and place of writing of 1 Thessalonians Corinth, 2nd journey, c. 50, Probably the earliest letter, earliest surviving Christian writing.
Occasion of 1 Thessalonians Responding to Timothy's report
Responding to Timothy's report Young church under persecution needs encouragement. Death of some Christians raised questions. Problem of idleness. Problem of moral laxity.
Unity of 1 Thessalonians Some think 2:13-16 is a lter, non-Pauline interpolation. It interrupts context and renews thanksgiving. Anti-Jewish tone is uncharacteristic of paul.
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