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Contact Test 5

What type of instruction do we give our patients? Verbal instruction, written instruction, and the patient must be able to demonstrate understanding.
What must we teach our patients first before teaching insertion? Clean work area; towel over sink; clean lint free towel to dry hands;
What type of soap does the patient need to use? Use Ivory, Neutrogena, Pure and Natural, Optical Soap.....Soaps with no perfumes, dyes, moisturizers, antibacterials, oils, etc.
Patients always start with which eye when inserting CLs? right
How should patient remove the CL from the blister pack? index finger touches to contact, or dump the CL and solution into hand....do not slide the CL, may tear it
How can the patient check to see if the CL is correct or inverted? Examine edge profile; taco test; manufacturer's engraved name or code
When checking a CL using edge profile, how do you know if it's correct? The edges should curve like a bowl, if it is inverted they will look like a pie plate.
Before inserting the CL you should make sure the lens is free of ______, and when inserting the lens should remain.....? free of debris; remain wet
What two methods can be used for insertion of a CL? one handed or two handed (study steps for both)
Can the steps of insertion be modified to fit the needs of the patient? Yes
If teaching insertion takes longer than one hour, what should be done? Reschedule the appointment
How do you recenter a soft CL? Look opposite direction of where the CL is decentered and with the lid closed massage the lens back down to the cornea. If the lens is dry they can use rewetting drops.
When removing CL what should be done first? Wash hands, start with the right eye, make sure both lenses are in (cover one eye and then the other to check vision); make sure that the lens is moving and not stuck on the cornea
What are the three methods for removal of a CL? Pinch; Roll; Blink (study steps for all)
What is different about a GP CL when inserting? Cannot be put in dry, must be wet with a conditioning or wetting solution; GP must be placed directly on the cornea
What should we know about recentering a GP CL? Never use finger to recenter GP, can cause a tear on the cornea
What are the methods for removing a GP CL? Blink, two handed; scissor; DMV (suction cup)....study steps for all
What are adaptive symptoms of wearing CL's? Symptoms patient experiences when getting used to the lenses; symptoms should disappear when all day wear is achieved.
What are some examples of adaptive symptoms? lacrimation (tearing); mild foreign body sensation; mild photophobia; slight headache; slight itching or redness; hazy foggy vision towards end of day (could be from not blinking)
If patient is having abnormal symptoms they should...? Take the lenses out and call you or ECP.
What is RSVP R - Redness that doesn't clear up; S - Sensitivity to light; V - Visual changes (hazy vision that doesn't clear up) P - Pain that persisits
What should the patient do if they fall asleep in their lenses? use rewetting drops and make sure the contact is moving before taking it out (never use drops that aren't for CL)
What should the beginning wear schedule be for a planned replacement or conventional daily wear SCL? 4 hours the first day; 1-2 added each day until all day (8-14 hrs is achieved)
Single use lenses can be worn how long to start with? All day
What is the wear schedule for a new GP patient? 3 hours the first day, add 1 hour each day
When should the follow up appointment be scheduled? The day of the CL delivery; patient should be wearing CL when they come in for follow-up unless they are having a problem
What should the followups be for a SL DW patient? one week; one month; three months; six months; every 6-12 months
When should the followups be for a soft EW/CW patient? next morning after delivery within two hours of waking; 3 days from delivery in the afternoon; 1 week; 1 month; every three months
What is the followup schedule for a Rigid/GP DW? one week; two weeks; 1 month; 2 months; 3 months; every 6-12 months
What is the followup schedule for a GP EW/CW? First week patient wears as DW, then follow soft EW schedule
What are the disinfecting methods used or CL? Thermal (heat); Chemical; Oxidative; Subsonic (UV)
What disinfecting methods are used only for soft CL? Thermal and Subsonic
What oxidative system can be used for both soft and GP CL? Clear care
Thermal disinfecting system included Daily surfactant cleaner; Rinse w/saline; Disinfect with heat; enzyme used weekly to remove protein; gave patient lubricating drops and good CL case
Boston cleaner is always used for GP lenses
The FDA stopped the sale of homemade saline due to...? contamination
When is the lens cleaned with a surfactant cleaner? immediately after removal from the eye
A traditional chemical system included?? Surfactant cleaner; rinse w/saline; disinfect; enzyme cleaner once a week
What is a multipurpose chemical system? One bottle is used to clean, rinse, and disinfect; not as strong; combine low concentration of cleaner and disinfectant; some also contain protein remover
What do we know about private label/generic brand cleaners? We have no idea what is in them; instruct patient not to switch to private/generic brand, some of older formulas not compatible w/ newer lens materials such as silicone hydrogel
What is an oxidative system? hydrogen peroxide disinfection
How long does an oxidative system take? At lease 6 hours or overnight to disinfect
What percent of highly purified hydrogen peroxide is used for oxidative? 3%
What patients is oxidative good for? Patients with history of GPC or allergies or patients that experience dryness.
Oxidative systems must be neutralized using a....? catalyst
What are some examples of catalyst used in oxidative systems? Clear care - platinum coated disc; ultra care - tablet; used to be a liquid, no longer available
A catalyst changes hydrogen peroxide to...? saline
Saline is isotonic which means...? has the same tonicity as tears (.9% NaCL)
When should you change case? After you get a new bottle of solution or every 3 months
Saline is only for...? rinsing only (unless with heat or UV), never storing. If lenses are stored in neutralized peroxide solution may become contaminated, don not keep for longer than one week without disinfecting again
What is the name of the UV system? Purilens by The Lifestyle Company
How long does the UV system take? 15 minutes
The UV system is good for patient with...? allergies
While some solution may say "no-rub", it is recommended to rub the lenses....if the lenses aren't rubbed they must be.... rinsed for at least 5 second with the MPS.
Where is mascara used when wearing CL's? only on outer half of lashes; and avoid mascara w/ small hairlike fibers
When should mascara be discarded? after 3 months
What type of eye shadows should be avoided? iridescent types, they contain glass or oyster shells
Hairspray is applied before or after CLs? before
Cosmetics are applied before or after CL's? after
What is removed first CL's or cosmetics? Contact lenses
Soft contact lenses are only available in..? 0.25 D steps
a soft CL conforms to the eye, and touches in the center and the periphery, this is called the...? 3 point touch or draping effect
Soft CL's are easier to fit, we don't have to consider the...? tear layer
Soft spherical lenses do/or do not correct astigmatism? DO NOT; must use soft toric lens
As soft C/L fitters we have the control of what three factors? Power, Base Curve, Diameter
Which K is looked at when determining BC? the flat K
Steeper K's need a _______ radius? shorter
Flatter K's need a ______ radius? longer
What steps are used when selecting soft CL parameters? Put Rx in minus cylinder; calculate the spherical equivalent; compensate for VD when 4.00 D or greater.
If the cylinder is more than 1.00 D...? A soft toric lens must be used
When verifying a soft CL we trust the manufacturer, however before the patient is called verify that what is on the box.... is what you ordered!
Look over other verification notes
Created by: griffiskr