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Final Exam

Classics 110

Artemis had Actaeon torn apart by his own dogs when he was turned into a stag because he witnessed a bathing shot Niobe's children in an attempt to outnumber the other gang
The Danaids killed their soon to be husbands in their wedding beds in order to avoid marriage
Creon had Antigone locked in a cave as a punishment of disobedience
Hermes stole Apollo's cattle as a childish prank
Pandora unlocked the box of evils because of curiosity
Agamemnon killed Iphigenia as a sacrifice
Clytemnestra killed Agamemnon in revenge for the death of their daughter killed Cassandra out of vengeful jealousy
Orestes kills Clytemnestra and Aegisthus revenge for the murder of his father
Akrisios put his daughter Danae and her infant son afloat in a chest to avoid a prophesy
Prometheus stole fire from the gods to benefit humanity
Jason stole the Golden Fleece as a challenge
Paris stole Helen of Sparta to elope
Phaethon crashed his father's, Helios, chariot
Heracles killed his family in a temporary fit of insanity killed Linus a music teacher with a lyre out of annoyance killed a centaur, Nessus while defending his wife
Deianira killed her husband, Heracles, to try to keep her husband
Poseidon killed Hippolytus in a hit and run collision
Medea killed her children with Jason out of anger over divorce trick Pelias's daughters into cutting him up and cooking him to make him young again because faking magic
Oedipus killed Laius
Apollo flayed Marsyus to death as part of the conditions of a music contest
Laius exposed Oedipus as a baby to try to avoid prophesy
Bacchae / Bacchantes dismembered Orpheus ecstatic reaction disembowled Pentheus in a rage because he refused the worship of Dionysus
Tantalus cooked Pelops as a child as a test of divine knowledge
Pelops killed Myrtilus to avoid payment
Hades abducted Persephone for marriage
Odysseus blinds Cyclops Polyphemus to save the mission shot suitors of Penelope at a feast out of rage
Zeus / Jupiter incinerated Semele out of lust and because he was bound by word embraced Io as a cloud to make her conceive abducted Europa as a bull abducted Ganymede who was a beautiful boy to be the wine bearer for the gods
Golden Age of Cronus primal age where there were no seasons and there were no reasons to work Saturn was the king of the gods and gave everything to earth that humans needed
Silver Age was still good but live are not as good as parents
Age of Heroes Trojan War and all of the stories of heroes
Bronze Age violent Age
Iron Age age of complete deterioration
Python the serpent most famous in antiquity Apollo kills him to establish himself
Aphrodite was born of the sea
Daphne turned into a tree because she was so afraid of Apollo
Pan is a weird goat thing
Cadmus killed a dragon, by order of Zeus, to save his sister Europa father of Thebes patriarch of the tragic dynasty of sacrificial kings sowed the teeth of the dragon in a field
Bacchus the god of wine, miracles, and passions, abducted by pirates
Salmacis nymph embraced Hermaphroditos the son of Hermes and Aphrodite to unite with him into one androgynous being
Perseus killed Medusa The snakes on Medusa's head were a punishment from Athena
Demeter searches for Persephone because she is her daughter
Latona turns Lycian peasants into frogs because they didn't help
Minotaur offspring of Pasiphae and her bull
Theseus killed the Minotaur abandoned Ariadne at Naxos
Icarus flew too close to the sun and his wings melted
Caledonian Boar Hunt Meleagar gives the prize to Atalanta and defend Atalanta from his uncles who intent to steal the prize by killing the uncles
Baucis and Philemon visited by Jupiter(Zeus)and Mercury(Hermes) gave the gods everything they had so they wee granted a wish wished to die on the same day the only time a wish didn't go terribly
Erysichthon cut down the tree of Ceres punished by eating himself
Pygmalion fell in love with a statue and prayed to Venus to let him marry a girl that looked just like that so the statue came to life and they got married
Minos served as a judge between Apollo and Pan
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