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Alexander the Great and Philip

What are the 4 Capitals of Persia? 1. Persepolis 2. Susa 3. Babylon 4. Ectabana
What is Alexander's horses name? What does it mean? Beucephalus. It means Beautiful head
What is the capital of Macedonia? Pella
When was Philip II born? 382 B.C.
Who are Philip's parents? King Amyntas II and Queen Eurydice II
When did Philip die? 336 B.C.
How old was Philip when he died? 46 years old
When did Philip become king? 359 B.C.
How old was Philip when he became king? 23 years old
Where did Philip die? Aigai, Macedonia
Who was Philips most prominent wife? Olympias
How old was Philip when he was taken as a hostage? 14 years old
How old was Philip when he got released? 17 years old
Who did Philip meet in prison while he was a hostage? Epaminondas
While in jail, what do Philip and Epaminondas come up with? The Three Fold Plan
What is the name of the spear that Philip invents? Sarissa
When Amyntas dies, who becomes king? Philip
What is a phalanx? A column of soldiers acting in unison
What is a calvary? Soldiers on horseback
While Philip is training his army, what else is he doing? Building an armada and he sends spies to Greece
Since what age did Alexander follow his father everywhere? 5 years old
Who is Alexander's teacher? Aristotle
How does Alexander get into the Theban Council? He bribes the representatives
Who was the war between that Alexander started? Thebans and the Phocans
Where do these 2 armies meet? Charoenia
Where does Philip want to conquer? Persia
Who are Alexander's 4 friends? 1. Nearchus 2. Ptolemy 3. Hephaesteon 4. Harpalus
Why does Philip kick Alexander's friend out of Macedonia? There a bad influence
At what age does Alexander fight his first battle? Age 18
Where is Philip assassinated? His daughter's wedding
Who killed Philip? His guard Pausanias
After hearing that Thebes is revolting, what did Alexander do? He burned Thebes to the ground
At what age did Alexander become king? Age 20
Where was Alexander's first enemy territory battle? Granicus
How many men where in Alexander's army? 38,000 men
How many men where in Alexander's calvary? 5,000- 6,000 men
How many men where in Alexander's phalanx? 296 men
What book does Alexander take everywhere he goes? The Iliad
Who is Alexander's hero? Achilles
How many Persian men did he meet at Granicus? 20,000
Created by: BeccaSchaub