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BBC Pharm

Ch 24: ergot alkaloids, migraine medications, and serotonin receptor modulators

ergot alkaloids have what properties? vasoconstrictive properties
what are two major ways to induce vasoconstriction? stimulation of 5HT1 (serotonin) receptors, or through blockade of 5HT2 (serotonin) receptors.
MOA of ergot alkaloids? 5HT2 antagonists, and cuase vasoconstriction.
what are two ergots? ergotamine and methysergide. they are "autocoids" meaning that they function as local hormones
one of several drugs of choice to treat moderate to severe migrains ("abortive therapy"), and can also be used to prevent migraine recurrence (prophylaxis). ergotamine
MOA of ergotamine? 5HT2 serotonin antagonist, and by that means, is able to cause vasoconstriction. best used in prodromal phase
contraindications of ergotamine? pregnancy, peripheral vascular disease, andcoronary artery disease
this is used in prevention of migraine, and is usually given during the prodorome. thus, it is only prophylactic, and is not intended for use during an active migraine attack. second lie drug. methysergide
tripatans have what ending? tripatan
this is a 5HT1 antagonist and is generally a more powerful anti migraine medication than the ergot alkaloids. useful in both the prvention of migraine, and treatment of ongoing migraine sumatriptan
triptans are DOC for...? they are 5HT1 antagonists, and are the drug of choice for the abortive therapy of ongoing moderate to severe migraines.
all triptans should be avoided in patients with... printzmetals angina, peripheral vascular disease, and uncontrolled hypertension. also, these should not be prescribed to patiens currently under therapy with SSRIs, SNRIs, or MAOIs
this is another migraine medicaiton, and is used occassionally in the prevention of migraine, although it is used more commonly for cluster headaches. triptans are considered superior to this medication for treatment of cluster headaches. cyproheptadine
MOA of cyproheptadine? blocks the 5HT2 receptors.
these are two powerful anti emetics that affect serotonin receptors. they are 5HT3 antagonists receptors, activating CNS driven vomitting. thus, their blockade is very effective in preventing nausea and vomitting dolansetron and palonosetron.
5HT4 antagonist and is also used as an anti-emetic. 5HT4 antagonism causes increased GI motility, thereby minimizing gastroparesis and vomitting metochlopramide
this is a 5HT1 antagonist. use is limited to anxiolysis buspirone
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