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Chapter 14 Pullin

Europe in the Middle Ages

A man who received honor and land in exchange for serving a lord as a soldier Knight
Middle Ages Time between ancient times and the modern era
Medieval Period Other name for the Middle Ages
Charlemegne - King of the Franks - United Western Europe - Spread Christianity
Scandanavia Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, Iceland- Home to the Vikings
Vikings Skilled warriors and sailors
Monastery Secluded religious community (for men)
Which Viking invention revolutionized sailing? The longship or long boat
Feudal Duties -Lord treated vassals with honor -Lord provided land for vassals
Many vassals were Knights
System in which land was owned by lords but held by vassals in return for their loyalty Feudalism
Land given in exchange for loyalty Fief
Large estate that included farm fields, pastures, and often an entire village Manor
Noblewomen Managed the household
Peasants -Poor -Farmers -Performed all the work on the manor
Serfs Peasants who are considered to be part of the manor
Gothic Style of Architecture
Bishop Important leader in the catholic church. His home was a cathedral.
Pope Leader of the Catholic Church
Clergy People with authority to perform religious services
Ecommunication Being expelled from membership in the Church and participation in Church life
Convent Religious community for women
Scholasticism Used reason to explain Christianity
As trade grew, __________ grew Markets
Towns grew into __________ Cities
Guild Organization of crafts workers or trades people
Apprentice Unpaid worker being trained in a craft
Bubonic Plague -Wiped out 1/3 of Europe's population -Spread by fleas on rats -Black Death
The Holy Land Jerusalem and parts of the surrounding area where Jesus lived and taught
The purpose of the Crusades Capture the Holy Land from Muslim control
Why did Pope Urban II want to go to war? -He wanted the Holy Land controlled by Christians -He wanted power and prestige
Why did Europeans want to go to war? They wanted to open key trade routes
Peter the Hermit Led the People's Crusade
Results of the Crusades? -Use of money was increased -Increased trade -New ideas -Shipbuilding -Medicine, math, and technology increased
The Magna Carta -Limited the King's Power -Signed by King John (against his will) -
Model Parliament Council which included common people as well as lords and clergy
The Hundred Years' War Long series of clashes between England and France. 1337-1453
Joan of Arc -French Peasant -Led France in The Battle of Orleans -Tried for Witchcraft and burned at the stake
Created by: loganpullin