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Week 5 Quiz

Manual containing descriptive terms and identifying codes for reporting procedures CPT-4 (Current Procedural Terminology)
Code books are updated how often? Annually
Codes used by physicians for reporting key categories of their services are E & M codes (Etiology & Management)
Key Components of E&M Codes History, Examination, Medical decision making
Factors Place of Service, Type of Service, Patient Status
Codes that contain full descriptions of the procedure and need no additional modifiers are called Stand Alone Codes
What is the first step in identifying a CPT code Identify the procedure or service to be coded
What is the first step in identifying an ICD-9 code? Identify the main term
The time the provider spends in direct contact with a patient is called Face-to-Face time
What are manifestations? Signs & Symptoms of a disease
Who uses principle diagnosis? Hospitals and Institutional Facilities
Who used the primary diagnosis? Physicians and Outptient Clinics
Codes representing external causes of injury and poisoning (can indicate place of occurence) E Codes
Where is the alphabetic listing located in the ICD-9 book? In Volume 2 in the front half of the manual, before Vol. 1
What does it mean to diagnose? Determining the nature of the cause of disease, distinguishing one disease from another
How many digits are the codes in the ICD-9? 3-5
What is eponymn? A disease, procedure, syndrome, named for the person who discovered it
What is the manual for coding diagnosis? International Classification of Disease, 9th revision, Clinical Modification
What is morbidity? The presence of illness of disease
What is mortality? The deaths that occur from illness or disease
What is the series of questions a provider asks to identify the body parts involved? ROS (Review of Sysytems)
What is the transferring of verbal descriptions of a diagnosis into numbers or a combination of alphnumeric characters? Coding
What is the deciding factor when insurance campanies pay cliams? Medical Necessity
Why is Hypertention? High Blood Pressure
What is the CPT-4 manual for? Reporting medical codes for procedures
What are V-Codes? When a patient isn't sick.
What is a chief complaint? The primary symptom that a patient states as the reason for seeking medical care
Levels of Service New Patient Level 1:Problem Focused(10) Level 2:Expanded Problem Focused(20) Level 3:Detailed History(30) Level 4:Comprehensive History(45) Level 5:Comprehensive(60)
Levels of Service Established Patient Level 1:Problem Focused History(10) Level 2:Expanded Probelm Focused (15) Level 3:Detailed History (25) Level 4:Comprehensive (40)
Time as a factor Only if 50% of the time (or more) is used for counseling
How are the Volumes arranged in the ICD-9? Volume 2, Volume 1, V-Codes, E-Codes
Created by: JDenning8984