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Cold War Events

Tehran : who, what outcome? Big 3 Roosevelt, Stalin, Churchill Outcomes: agreement on new international organisation to replace League of Nations agreement on need for weak post-war Germany reluctant agreement to annexing of territories Soviets has seized between 1939 and 1940 i
Yalta Conference: date and aims? Feb 1945 1. future of Poland 2. formation of UN 3. free elections in eastern Europe 4. Stalin promises to join war against Japan
VE Day – when? May 1945
VJ Day – when? August 1945
Potsdam Conference: date and aims? Jul 1945 Post-war agreement re Germany: split econom. but not politic. =not one or two Germanies. Truman:news that atomic bomb testing at Alamogordo successful. Stalin that US “had new weapon. USSR want German reparations, E. Europe for trade.
Why was the atomic bomb used against Japan? • lots of money had already been spent on it • to keep the Russians out of the war • to make Russia more manageable due to the fear • to win the war in Asia and prevent further loss of life
Who were the Lublin Poles? Soviet puppet government installed in Poland by the USSR during occupation.
Long Telegram: who, when and what? George Kennan US diplomat in Moscow Feb 1946 Soviet motives: a) USSR ‘threat’ of ‘hostile world outside its borders’= insecurity b)USSR was ‘fanatically and implacably’ hostile to West, not ‘suicidal’ c)the Soviets want Muscovite Stalinist ideology
Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech: when and what did it outline? 5th March 1946 at Westminster Col. in Fulton Missouri with Truman “an Iron Curtain has descended across the continent” “ancient states of central and eastern Europe are subject not only to Soviet influence this is certainly not the liberated Europe we f
Churchill’s ‘Iron Curtain’ speech: what was the result? Hardening of opinions on both sides. USSR: a) withdrew from IMF b) increased anti-Western propaganda c) initiated new 5-year self-strengthening plan The Truman Doctrine: when, why, what were the main ideas and results? 12th March 1947 to the US Con
COMECON: what and when? January 1949 Council for Mutual Economic Assistance: economic bloc for eastern Europe supporting collectivisation of agriculture and development of heavy industry.
What happened in April 1949? Communists won Chinese Civil War, founded People’s Republic of China
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