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Ocular Pharma # 5

Anesthesia and Drug Retention

To anesthetize the lids, a block of what nerve is utilized? Facial
What block effects vision? Retrobulbar
Anesthetics works by? Blocking sodium channels
What type of anesthetic agent is best only for topical anesthesia? Esters
What anesthetic is the only one that is dispensed in small dose minims? Pontocaine
What do we add to the anesthetic to prolong its affect and to decrease side effects? 1:1000 Epinephrine
List the side effects of anesthetic agent. (7) Ringing in the ears / Light headedness / Blurred vision / Nervousness / Trouble breathing / Convulsions / Cardiovascular Collapse-loss of bp
What is the generic name for Pontocaine ? Tetracaine
What is the generic name for Xylocaine? Lidocaine
What is the brand name for Ophthaine? Proparacaine
What anesthetic is used in topical fluorescein eye drops? Benoxinate
What tissue (Inflamed or Non-Inflamed) are easier to anesthetize? Non-Inflamed
What is the difference between a regional and a local block? A regional block will block the area of the nerve supply- Facial nerve block, etc. A local block only blocks the area surrounding the injection.
What are some viscoelastics? Chondroitin sulphate / Sodium hyaluronate / Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose
Name 2 hyperosmotic agents. Glycerine and 5% Sodium Chloride
Name 2 cycloplegics. Tropicamide and Scopolamine
Name 2 Mydriatics. Phenylephrine and Hydroxyamphetamine
Generic name for Rev Eyes®. Dapiprazole
Intraocular irrigating fluid. BSS (Balanced Salt Solution)
Mucolytic agent. Acetylcysteine
Myasthenia diagnostic drug. Edrophonium
Name 2 Anti-cholinesterase drugs. Edrophonium and Echothiophate
Name 2 miotic drugs. Acetylcholine and Carbachol
What drug is a retinal diagnostic drug with iodine? Indocyanine green
What drug is a retinal diagnostic drug without iodine? Infracyanine green (and Fluorescein)
What stains the conjunctiva? Lissamine Green and Rose Bengal
What stains both the conjunctiva and the cornea? Lissamine Green, and Rose Bengal
What stains the anterior lens capsule? Trypan Blue
What comes in a 1 cc minums? Pontocaine (he had lidocaine as the answer but I think he made a mistake)
Name a vasoconstrictor for "red out" eye drops. Naphazoline
Created by: Leequa