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Old Testament 1 Apr

Flash Cards for Old Testament from the months of March-April

Joshua similar to Deuteronomy use of quotations, vocabulary, speeches
Pattern of Judges (6 parts) Israel falls into sin, Israel enslaved, Israel Cries out, God raises up a judge, Israel delivered, Israel serves God
Critical View of Authorship in Joshua Noth said "D" source, as a part of the Deuteronomic History
Traditional Date of Joshua about 1100 BC
Traditional View of Authorship in Joshua Joshua + someone else (Joshua's death account)
Theology of Joshua Law was a gracious gift of God to his people; God is the ideal king and ruler.
Baal Canaanite storm god, fertility god
Asherah fertility goddess, mother of Baal
Views on Conquest/Settlement Albright - Violent Military Campaign Alt - Gradual Highland Settlement Noth - Tribal Amphictyony Mendenhall - Peasant Uprising
'Apiru class of poor and oppressed people
Et-Tell usually identified as biblical Ai
herem, "ban" complete annihilation of an enemy
One Motive for warfare The desire to protect and preserve the covenant gift of God, the land, and the people in it.
Markers of Israelite Ethnicity four room house; collared rim jar; lack of pig bones
Saul's reign 22-32 years (1050-1010 BC)
Ishbaal's reign 2yrs over North
David's reign 40 years (7 over just Judah, then over all Israel); 1010-970 BC
Solomon's reign 40years; 970-930 BC
Archeological evidence for United Monarchy, found at Gezer "Solomonic gate" or six-chamber gate
Tel Dan Stele (850-750BC) mentions "house of David"
Jeraboam's new worship sites Dan and Bethel
Omride Dynasty (after Omri) Northern Kingdom (Israel) which played a major role on the political stage, but a small role (negative) in the Bible.
722 BC Assyria overthrows Israel
597, 587 BC Judah overthrown by Babylon
Two types of literature found in Ruth Narrative and Genealogy
Date of Ruth (Critical) Persia around 500BC
Author or Ruth (Jewish Talmud) Samuel
Three main Characters in Ruth Ruth, Boaz, Naomi
Ark of the Covenant moved from place to place and battle to battle; was a visible sign of God's presence
Was Samuel a Priest? No he was not an Aaronite (1 Sam 1:1)
3 main characters in 1-2 Samuel Samuel, Saul, David
How many versions (or parts) of how Saul became King? 3
Character in Samuel who functioned as a negative example so that the reader would recognize the good character Saul
Traditional View of Authorship in Samuel Samuel, Nathan, Gad
Critical View of Authorship in Samuel "D" source; part of the Deuteronomic History
2 Sam 7:14-15 I will be a father to him and he will be a son to Me; when he commits iniquity, I will correct him with the rod of men and the strokes of the sons of men, but My lovingkindness shall not depart from him...
David and Saul both sin, why is one accepted and the other rejected? David truly repented, Saul seems to have been trying to save his position
Political description of Israel centered on the tribal territories of Ephraim and Manasseh
Political description of Judah founded on Jerusalem and the Davidic Dynasty
1-2 Kings claims to use these sources Chronicles of the Kings of Israel; Chronicles of the Kings of Judah; Book of the Acts of Solomon
Critical View of Authorship of 1-2 Kings "D" source; part of Deuteronomic History
Date of Authorship of "Deuteronomic History" Sometime in Exile (after 587) or during the return (530 ish)
Jewish (Talmud) View of Authorship of 1-2 Kings Jeremiah
Does 1-2 Kings or 1-2 Chronicles represent Enlightenment style history? (historie) No, but it is a historically reliable document.
Josiah is compared to Moses and Joshua
Why is Josiah important purged the temple, exerted control over some northern kingdom territory, memories of him influenced descriptions of the coming Davidic king in Zechariah
time of Elisha 850-800BC
Divided Kingdom began 922 BC
First King in North Jeroboam
Last King in North Hoshea
North fell to Assyria 722BC
First Southern King Rehoboam
Last Southern King Zedekiah
South fell to Babylon 587 BC
This book ends the Hebrew Bible Chronicles
Usual argument for why Chronicles is less reliable than Samuel-Kings because it was written later
D&L date for 1-2 Chronicles Persian Period (538-330BC)
Date discussed for Chronicles in class about 500BC
Traditional author of Chronicles Ezra
Author of Chronicles discussed in class anonymous "Chronicler"; probably a scribe who was part of the exile
most conspicuous omission in Chronicles David-Bathsheba incident
Number of main sections in Chronicles 3
Where does Chronicles begin, where does it end? Begins with Adam, ends with an allusion to the return from exile under Cyrus the great.
axiom by which people are judged in Chronicles? obedience=blessing; disobedience=curse
David's sin in Chronicles taking a census
how are "messengers" different from prophets in Chronicles? messengers speak to the people about applying previous revelation
Books which contain Aramaic language Ezra-Nehemiah (and Daniel)
Date of Ezra-Nehemiah shortly after 432 BC
Date Nehemiah came to Jerusalem 445
"Deutero-Canonical" books which contain material found in Ezra-Nehemiah 1-4 Esdras
Torrey's date for Ezra-Nehemiah 250BC
Nehemiah's served in what 2 different offices? Cup bearer; governor of Judah
Book in the OT which does not mention God Esther
Only book which Calvin never preached from Esther
Date of Esther shortly before/around 400BC
2 historical concerns in Esther Herodotus does not mention her, Mordecai's age seems to be wrong
Esther describes this Jewish feast, in what city? Purim, in Susa
How is Christ foreshadowed in Esther? Deliverance from Persia foreshadows redemption from sin in Jesus Christ
Albright Violent Military Campaign
Alt Gradual Highland Settlement
Noth Tribal Amphictyony
Mendenhall Peasant Revolt
Davies/Minimalism Total rejection of the idea of conquest
Deuteronomic History Deuteronomy PLUS Joshua, Judges, 1 Samuel, 2 Samuel, 1 Kings, 2 Kings
Items that EXIST in Samuel-Kings but not Chronicles 1. David's early life, 2. David's kingdom in Hebron, 3. David's adultery, 4. Amnon and Tamar, 5. Absalom's revolt, 6. Solomon's apostasy, 7. Northern Kingdom (mostly)
Items that DO NOT EXIST in Samuel-Kings but EXIST in Chronicles 1. David's preparation for Temple, 2. David numbering Levites, 3. David arranging singers, 4. David prepares temple officers, 5. war between Abijah and Jeroboam, 6. Reform of Manasseh, 7. Passover of Josiah, 8. Extra genealogies
Focus points in Chronicles Main Characters are Davidic Monarchs, Temple and Levites, status of people dependent on obedience and not their parents.
Created by: JustinAllison



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