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3.1 Muscle condition

Muscle conditions

atrophy wasting of muscles
contractures abnormal flexion and fixation of joints
foot drop failure to maintain foot in normally flexed position
shin splints strain of long flexor muscle of the toes
spastic paralysis involuntary contraction of a muscle with associated loss of function
sprain complete or incomplete tear in the supporting ligaments surrounding a joint
strain injury to a muscle or tendinous attachment
bursitis painful inflammation of one or more of the bursae
bursae closed sacs that cushion muscles and tendons over bony prominences
epicondylitis inflammation of the tendons in the forearm at the attachment to the humerus
fasciitis inflammation of the fasciae
myocellulitis inflammation of the cellular tissue within the muscle
myofibrosis overgrowth of fibrous tissue inside the muscle
tendonitis inflammation of tendons and their muscle attachements to bones
myositis purulenta bacterial infection of muscle tissue that could result in pus formation and progress to gangrene
Created by: FMHSAHS102