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The Islamic religion

what type of religion is Islam an abrahamic religion
muslims people who follow the Islamic religion
monotheists or polytheists? monotheist
what type of god is Allah a Judo-Christian
Qur'an word of God (like the bible)
prophet messenger of God
who were some of the prophets they believed in? Adam, Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad
Who was Muhammad believed to be the 12th and last prophet
How did the Qur'an come to be Muhammad was meditating in a cave of Hira when he received his first revelation from angel Gabriel in 610. Scared, he fled in 622 from mecca to medina. He kept receiving these revelations which were eventually compiled into the Qur'an after his death.
When is the beginning of the Muslim calendar 1 A.H.
5 pillars of Islam in order the Shahada, the Salat, the Zakat, the Sawm, and the Hajj
The Shahada the public testimony or declaration of faith (you state that there is no God other than God).
The Salat the mandatory prayers performed 5 times a day. You are to use a prayer rug, and face Mecca (specifically the ka'bah) while praying.
What times of the day do you have to pray? dawn, noon, late afternoon, sunset, before going to bed.
the Zakat Almsgiving, charitable donations. Muslims believe all things belong to God, and that Zakat means "purification" and "growth". 2.5% of income goes to charity.
The Sawm the practice of fasting from sunrise to sunset during the holy month of Ramadan.
why do muslims fast during Ramadan to show their love for God by saying they would sacrifice even the essentials of life for God. also is a method of self-purification. There is a festival at the end of Ramadan for breaking the fast
Why is Ramadan celebrated it is the time Muhammad received the word of god from Gabriel, creating the Qur'an.
When is Ramadan the 8th day of the 12th month in the Islam calendar.
The Hajj pilgrimage to Mecca which must be done at least once in a Muslims life time.
Hajji the name Muslims can add to their own names once they complete the pilgrimage to Mecca
Things not allowed as religious practices no alcohol, no pork, no gambling
three holiest cities in Islam Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem
Sharia body of Islamic Law to regulate daily living.
Describe the spread of Islam it was easy to learn and practice, it teaches equality, non-muslims had to pay additional taxes, many were nomads who traveled using trade routes,
Jihad struggle against non believers
infidels non-believers.
ka'bah cubic shrine believed to be built by prophet Abraham, containing a sacred rock.
hijra journey muhammad made from mecca to Yathrib
caliph successor to Muhammad
where is Islam located the Arabian Penninsula
After Muhammad's interaction with Gabriel, what did he do? he committed his life to urging people to believe that there is only one true God (Allah), and he was announced ruler by Muslim converts.
history of the Ka'bah tribes used to pass through Mecca and stop by the cube to pray. It was used by idol worshipers( polytheists) until Muhammad arrives and converts people to believe in one God.
How do they pray to the Ka'bah first they pack as many people as possible, then they circle around it 7 times, showing that God is the axis of the their spin/life.
History of Muhammad said to be born out of the stars, he lived with granddad in tribe. He was sent on a journey to help prepare him for difficulties ahead. 2 angels came down and removed a black spot from his heart (sins)
describe the war that occurred the arguments over one God caused civil conflict between tribes. People of Medina battled Mecca in 624, Muslims of Meccan army triumph.
What do the muslims do after they circle the ka'bah? They they walk 7 miles away from Mecca to a place where they sit outside all day and pray or meditate to ask for forgiveness for sins, and to connect with God.
What city was the center of Islam culture? Baghdad
Inventions of Islam field of Algebra, Trigonometry, medicine, advanced surgeries, cures, and cures for mental illnesses.
Crusades an attempt to colonize middle east by the western europeans. Christian crusades breached Jerusalem walls, and mongolian horsemen were sent to destroy Baghdad.
Minaret tower from which muslims are called to prayer
muezzin microphone from the minaret which they use to call to prayer
Imam religious leaders
Burqa a long loose garment covering a Muslim woman’s body from head to feet with only a screen to see through
Hijab head scarf that covers a woman's hair, not face
Chador full body cloak covering all but a woman's face
Abaya head to toe black loose cloak
Niquab a head to toe black cloak with just a slit for the eyes.
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