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PSSC Chapter 24

The Immune and Lymphatic systems and Cancer

What is the the purpose of the immune system? The immune system protects the body from harmful substances.
What is non-specific immunity? It protects the body from diseases in general.
What does non-specific immunity do? When foreign materials enter try to enter the body, it produces a response in which additional white blood cells begin fighting against the disease causing organisms.
What is specific immunity? A type of immunity that is acquired by the body over time.
What does active immunity do? The body manufactures antibodies as a response to an antigen or foreign substance in the body.
What is passive immunity? A person is given the antibodies needed to defend against the antigen. (vaccine)
How long does passive immunity last? it is temporary, because the antibodies have a limited life span.
What is lymph? It is a clear yellowish fluid.
Where is lymph found in the body? In tiny capillaries in the circulatory system.
What do lymph nodes do? They work as filters to clean the lymph fluid of microorganisms.
What is HIV? A disease that attacks the body’s immune system and damages or destroys its cells.
What is the differance between HIV and AIDS? AIDS is the final stage of the HIV virus.
What is a BRAT diet? bananas, rice, applesauce, and toast
What is a benign tumor? A non-cancerous tumor
What is a malignant tumor? A cancerous tumor
What does metastasize mean? To spread from one part of the body to the other
What is the key treatment for a malignant tumor? Surgury
What does biopsy mean? A removal of a sample of tissue for examination and diagnosis
What is an oppertunistic infection? An illness caused by microorganisms due to a person’s inability to fight infection
What is remission? The disappearance of signs and symptoms of cancer or other diseases; can be temporary or permanent
Created by: Autumn Fairall