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Word Civ Exam 3.


Neo Classicals painted.... Women & Dogs
Congress of Vienna Components Legitimacy, Compensation, Prevention
Utilitarianim Who? What? John Stuart Mill, Greatest Good for the greatest #
Capitolism Challenged Merchantilism
Pax Diplomacy 100 years of Peace in Europe Great Britain=Super Power`
Congress of Vienna Who/Waht Prince Karl Von Metternich *Qudruple Alliance (Russia/Prussia/Austria/England) Settle Disputes Following Napoleonic Wars to refrain from another Napoleon/Robispierre
Industrial Revolution Power/Materials Iron Coal/coke replaces water and wood Canal-Increase in Volume
Factory Systems centralized labor in one place-reduced cost of transportation Watt's steam engine
Putting Out System Specialization of labor -increases speed & lowers labor cost -increased volume of goods
Industrial Revolution Where? United Kingdom...places that were near water industrialized first
Inventions/Stages of Eli Whintey Interchangeable parts 1)Textiles 2)Metal 3)Electrical 4)Chemical
Classical Music Where/Who Germany -Bach -Handel -Mozart
Neo-classism? Napoleon -exactness -Roman
French Neo-Classicism? Revolutionaries
Peaceful Socialists Owen-Free love/family is the problem Saint Simon-peaceful reform Fourier-urbanization is the problem
Capitalism points Colonial Powers had it national and international banks limited liability
France Instability Bourbon Restoration
Liberalism Max. Amt. of freedom allowed by law everything is legal unless it hurts someone else from each according to his ability, to each according to his ability
Communism from each according to his ability, to each according to his need
Created by: erenning