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chp 20 vocab

Giuseppe Mazzi he formed the nationalist group called Young Italy to fight for the unification of the separate Italian states into one nation
Camillo di Cavour architect of the Italian unification movement
Giuseppe Garibaldi he unified the southern states of Italy and joined them to the north to form the united kingdom of Italy
Red Shirts army of volunteered troops led by Guiseppe garibaldi, they attacked the island of sicily and won it for the itakians
Victor Emmanuel First king of a united Italy
Frederick wilhelm IV when revolution broke out in prussia , Frederick promised a constitution and other reforms which he later disavowed
Zollerein an economic alliance of most German states allowed for free trade among themselves and common tariffs on imports, exports, and transit
Otto von Bismark he became the leading force behind German unification. His main political goal was for Prussia to gain power over Austria
Wihelm I he chose Otto von Bismark as Prussia prime minister and together they unified German
Realpolitik "The politics of reality" the belief in practical goals instead of theory om political philosophy
Austro Prussian War war fought between Prussia and Austria lasting seven weeks:Prussia victory dissolved the German confederation and led to the exclusion of Austria from German affairs
Franco Prussian War war fought between France and Prussia that ended in the defeat of France and unification of Germany
Franz Joesph I during his long reign he took small steps to address the democratic and and nationalist aspiration of his people
Magyars a Hungrian ethnic groups
Dual Monarchy Austria Hungary two separate equal that's ruled by one monarch
Young Turks Turkish reformist and nationalist political party active in the early 20th century
Serfs peasants who are were legally bound to their lord's land
Alexander II he freed the Russian serfs and passed other liberal reforms in Prussia
Pogroms the organized persecution and massacres if jews in Russia
Trans Siberian Railroad railroad linking western Russia to Siberia in the east
Socialist republic a type of republic in which there is no private property and state owns and distributes all goods to people
Vladimir Lenin he rose to power in Russia following Russian Revolution la
Bloody Sunday Jan. 22 1905 the day that czarist troops fired on protesters at the Winter Palace. Igniting the Russian Revolution of 1905
Duma Russian assembly formed after the Revolution of 1905 in charge of a approving all laws
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