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Making the Peace

Pandemic The spread of a disease across a large area.
Reparations Payments for war damages
Radicals People who wanted to make extreme changes.
Collective Security A system in which a group of nations acts as one to preserve the peace of all.
Mandate Territories administered by Western powers.
Britain Prime Minister David Lloyd George Promised to build a post-war Britain "Fit for Heroes"
Georges Clemenceau French leader who had the post-war goal of making Germany weak so that it could never again threaten France. "Mr. Wilson bores me with his Fourteen Points"
President Woodrow Wilson Urged for "Peace without victory" based on his fourteen points.
Three Problems that emerged at the Paris Peace Conference 1. Secret Agreements 2. ethnic groups became unwanted minorities in newly created states. 3. Other representatives circled the "Big three" with their own set of demands.
What impact would this treaty have on the future of European politics? the Treaty of Versailles poisoned the national climate for 20 years and sparked WWII.
List three new republics that emerged in 1919. Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Histonia
The purpose of the League of Nations To negotiate disputes instead of going to war.
Who had the idea for the League of Nations and what Nation did not join? Woodrow Wilson; The U.S. did not join
Created by: Lylabee7