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Winning the War

Propaganda and Total War

What is Total War? The channeling of all of the nation's resources into the war effort.
Conscription The Draft
Contraband Military Supplies
Lusitania British cruiseliner sunk by the Germans during unrestricted sub warfare. The event that brought the U.S. into the war.
Propaganda the spreading of ideas to promote a cause or damage an opposing cause.
Atrocity Horrible acts committed against innocent people.
Fourteen Points A list of President Woodrow Wilson's terms for keeping the peace.1. Called for reduction arms. 2. freedom of the sea. 3. Free Trade 4. An end to secret treaties.
Armistice An agreement to end the fighting. At 11:00 a.m. on 11/11/1918, WWI came to an end.
How did Britain's Navy wage war on Germany? By blockading German ships so that they could not deliver goods.
May 1915 the British criseliner "Lusitania" was sunk as a result of unrestricted submarine warfare by Germany.
Treaty of Brest-Litovsk The Treaty that ended Russia' s involvement in WWI
Zimmerman Note A letter from German foreign minister to his ambassador in Mexico. The letter promised to return New Mexico, Texas and Arizona back to Mexico. Note became public and U.S. Citizens became angry at Germany
April 1917 Wilson asked Congress to declare war on Germany.
Fourteen points A list of terms for for resolving the U.S. failure to remain neutral in the war. In short, the points were developed to maintain peace.
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