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10-12 unit Religion

Religion 10

Source of all Grace Jesus Christ
Redeem To free us from our slavery of sin and the devil. By Sacraments and living the life of Christ
People of God The church is a continuation of Israel. This tells us that all the faithful, from the Pope to the littlest child, is a member of this community.
Pope Christ Vicar on Earth. A special sign of apostolic succession. Means Father. He has a position or unique leadership. All listen to the him and obey his decisions. Teaching faith without error, sanctifying the Church and governing the church
Missionary Someone who brings the Good News to the people in different places.
Martyr A witness to truth of the faith, in which the person endures even death to be to Christ
Mediatrix It reminds us that Jesus came to us through her and that she now prays for us to Jesus her son
Sanctifying Grace *The Life of God in our souls by which we may go to heaven is a gift from God that gives us a share in his life and draws us ever more closely into union with Him.
Bishops They are successors of the apostle. They teach, rule and sanctify a diocese in union with the Pope.
Heirarchy Structure order of the church, so that the church would be his true voice in the world. must obey the chosen leaders as if we would with Jesus.
Infallibility The church is kept free from error in teaching us about faith and morals. Jesus promised this at the last supper
Indefectibility the church will exist as Jesus founded her until the end of time and will never change. Will always have a Pope and bishops and teach the truth (still has sames structure)
Sacrament Seven special channels of grace. to help us live the life of Grace. Outward signs instituted by Christ that effects grace. Parallel human life
Incarnation The event in which the Son of God took on human nature. Means God became Man. Moment Mary agreed.
Pilgrim Church This is another title for the church. People who are on s spiritual journey to heaven.
Mystical Body of Christ St. Paul's first letter. Church is the body of Christ. compares her to the human body. Christ is the head, the rest if the member of the church working together (different roles but working together)
Byzantine Catholic Eastern Catholic (Bulgarian, Greek, Ukrainian, Albanian, Russian) came from the Eastern part of ancient Roman Empire
Rites is a particular way of celebrating the Sacraments according to the rules of the Church. Is a whole group of Catholics that share a common way of worship. there may be different ones, but same faith.
Trinity Father, Son, Holy Spirit
Communion of Saints Church memberships can be found in three places: heaven (church of triumph), purgatory (Church of suffering) and earth (Church of militant)
Three types of miracles *Exorcism *Authority *Forgiveness of Sin
Four marks of the church Founded in Nicene Creed The Church of Christ is *one (one faith, baptism....) * Holy (Jesus is all holy) *Catholic (Universal) *Apostolic (
Who was the first Pope Simon Peter
Who is the current Pope Pope Francis
Compare Byzantine and Roman Rite Both are Apostolic orgin Roman Catholic is the largest rite- Western Byzantine is the second largest Rite- Eastern
Hierarchy of the Church Pope, Bishops, Priest, Deacons, Laity
Pentecost What does it celebrate The special feast of the Holy Spirit. It recalls the coming of the Spirit upon the Apostles. we celebrate Pentecost fifty days after Easter. Birthday of the church
Pentecost when did it happen in relation to the resurrection? 10 days after the Ascension of the Lord
Who is considered a mediatrix? Virgin Mary
What do we call it when the bread and wine turn into the body and blood of Christ Transubstantiation
List the three main Lenten practices Praying, Fasting. Almsgiving
Which gospel is the most detailed with regards to the passion and death of Jesus?
What is the inscription on the top of the cross JESUS THE NAZARENE, THE KING OF THE JEWS. INRI
how old was Jesus when he died 33
Which garden was Jesus praying in The Garden of Gethsemane
Church Militant People of Earth- fighting against sin-
Church Truimphant members in heaven (ultimate goal)
Church Suffering Purgatory (purification)
What are the communion of Saints Church Militant, Church Triumphant, Church suffering
Which Apostles betrayed Jesus? Judas
Which Apostle denied Jesus three times? Peter
Who Doubted Jesus? Thomas
Who was Peter's brother Andrew
Who was the tax collector Matthew
List the stations of cross 1st Station: Jesus is condemned to death 2nd Station: Jesus carries His cross 3rd Station: Jesus falls the first time 4th Station: Jesus meets his mother 5th Station: Simon of Cyrene helps Jesus to carry his cross 6th Station: Veronica wipes the fa
How many times and When did Jesus promise indfectibility Jesus promised this twice: Peter named POPE and at the Accesions
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