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History chapter 21

Clique an exclusive, elite group
Sanctions League of Nations forbid the sale of certain materials to Italy
Lebensraum additional living space which Hitler wanted to provide the Germans with
Appeasement Chamberlain wanted to stop Hitler's expansion plan through an appeasement, buying off an aggressor by territorial concession
Blitzkrieg lightening war
Sitzkrieg sitting war
Fifth Columnists individuals within a country who secretly aid the enemy by spying, spreading, enemy propaganda, carrying out acts of sabotage, or other similar activities
Amphibious land and sea attack
Partisans fighters who harass an enemy occupying their territory
Summit conference of high-level officials
Banzai waves of Japanese soldiers would charge American infantry positions only to be slaughtered
Kamikaze Japanese suicide pilots
Sun Yat-sen organizer of the Kuomintang, or nationalist party, let the revolt against the Manchu dynasty
Chiang Kaishek took control of the Kuomintang, began a military campaign to reunite China under a national government
Mao Zedong led communist forces who fought about Chiang's conservation forces. Hoped to bring a communist revolution. Fought with Chiang- called a truse
Third Reich new German empire Hitler wanted to establish
Rome-Berlin Axis 1936, Germany and Italy formed an alliance
Anti-Comintern Pact Germany and Japan signed this which was an agreement directed against communism in general, but was aimed at Russia. Italy and Japan signed a similar agreement, brought three nations together and they became the Axis powers
Francisco Franco General of the fascist, revolted against Spain's republican government. Franco defeated Spain and became dictator of Spain. "Dress rehearsal" for ww2 because Germany and Italy got to try out new weapons
Neville Chamberlain prime minister of Great Britain, met with Hitler to solve Czech problem.
Edouard Daladier prime minister of France
Munich Conference Hitler, Chamberlain, and Daladier met to solve the Czech crisis. September 29, 1938, ministers gave Hitler the Sudetenland.
Winston Churchill Member of the House of Commons, denounced the appeasement made between Hitler and Chamberlain. Predicted all of eastern Europe would be subjected to Nazi Tyranny
Pact of Steel Hitler and Mussolini made a military alliance
September 1, 1939 German forces attacked Poland, Britain and France then declared war on Germany. Started WW2
Panzer powerful armor or tank
Luftwaffe air force
Vidkun Quisling Norway Fifth Columnist, helped Germans conquer
Henri Petain created new French government, controlled areas in France where Germans did not. where Petain ruled became known as Vichy France
Charles de Gaulle led the movement Free French, continued to wage war against the Axis powers
Erwin Rommel German commander, "desert fox", went into North Africa with German Forces, lost the war
RAF Royal Air Force `
Lend-Lease Act US authorized the president to "sell, transfer title to, exchange, lease, lend, or otherwise dispose of" military supplies to any country whose security was important to the US
Atlantic Charter Churchill and Roosevelt signed this which agreed that after the final destruction of the Nazi tyranny the signatories would seek such things as the disarmament of aggressor nations, freedom of the seas, and equal economic opportunities
Hideki Tojo militarist who became the virtual dictator of Japan, decided attack on American fleets at Pearl Harbor would be beneficial
December 7, 1941 - December 8 Japan attacked Americans at Pearl Harbor, next day US Congress declared war on Japan
Bernard Montgomery British commander who defeated the Germans at the battle of El Alamein
Dwight Eisenhower Allied commander who planned D-Day
"Big Three" Churchill, Roosevelt, Stalin
Operation Overlord code name for the invasion of France, planned by Us and Britain
D-Day, June 6 1944 Planned by Eisenhower, attack German forces on five different Normandy beaches
Douglas MacArthur American commander who escaped the Philippines but stated "I shall return". Returned in 1944 with American troops and fought off the Japanese
Battle of the Bulge Allied troops went into Europe pushing German troops became toward Germany
Yalta Conference recognized Soviet control of eastern Europe, Roosevelt and Churchill wanted Soviet aid in the war with Japan, Stalin promised R&C that he would allow free elections in Europe following the war- Stalin did not keep his word
May 8 1945 Germans surrendered to the Allied powers, ended the war in Europe
Harry Truman President, ordered atomic bomb drop on Hiroshima, Japan
Clement Atlee new prime minister of Britain
September 2 1945 Japan signed surrender document with the Allied representatives
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