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Medical terminology

Chapter 6

hematopoiesis process of blood cell formation
chiropractic a health care profession that deals with the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of mechanical disorders of the musculoskeletal system
chiropractor a practitioner certified and licensed to provide chiropractic care
ossification the conversion of the fibrous connective tissue and cartilage into bone or bony substance
resorption the process of removing or digesting old bone tissue
osteocytes mature bone cells
Bone Head a rounded, knoblike end of a long bone separated from the shaft of the bone by a narrow portion
fossa a hollow or shallow concave depression in a bone
hairline fracture a minor fracture; the bone stays in perfect alignment
thoracic vertebra t1-t12
osteomalacia disease in which the bones become abnormally soft due to a deficiency of calcium
osteoporosis bone that were once strong become fragile due to loss of bone density
dual energy X-ray absorptiometry a noninvasive procedure that measures bone density
femur thigh bone (the longest and heaviest bone in human body)
patella knee bone
tibia clubfoot
scoliosis abnormal lateral (sideward)
Cervical vertebrae c1-c7
true ribs ribs 1-7
lumbar vertebrae L1-L5
red bone marrow the soft, semifluid substance located in the small spaces of cancellous bone that is the source of blood cell production
Ewing's sarcoma malignant tumor of the bones
spine a sharp projection from the surface of a bone, similar to a crest
yellow marrow located in the diaphysis of long bones, consists of fatty tissue and is inactive in the formation of blood cells
sulcus a groove or depression in a bone; a fissure
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