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Unit 19

Zheng He Chinese explorer who sailed around Asia and Africa collecting tribute and promoting trade.
cultural diffusion spread of goods and ideas between cultures. Zheng He is an example because he is a Muslim in China (it spread there). In addition, the spread of ideas from China to Japan and Korea is an example
Ming Dynasty Dynasty during which Zheng He sailed. Eventually they banned the construction of ocean worthy vessels. They saw their culture as superior and saw no need for outside contact.
Tokugawa Shogunate Time period during which Japan isolated themselves from the outside world and cut off all contact with foreigners
Act of Seclusion Law in Japan that barred almost all forms of contact with outsiders and foreign ideas
peninsula piece of land surrounded on three sides by water. Example: Korea
archipelago chain of islands. Example: Japan
ethnocentrism belief that your culture is superior to all others. Example: Ming Dynasty cutting off contact with outsiders b/c they believed they offered nothing of value.
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