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OTC Over the counter
QNS Quantity not sufficient
DNR Do not resuscitate
CNS Centrak nervous system
PRN As needed, whenever necessary
Q3H Every 3 hours
QID 4 times a day
BMR Basal Metabolic Rate
WNL Within Normal Limits
PC After meals
Pelvic Lower Abdomen
Cervical Neck
Thoracic Chest
Metacarpal Back of hand
Lumbar Lower back
Dorsal Posterior, back side of body
Anterior Front or abdominal side of body
Lateral Toward the Side, away from midline
Proximal Near a point of reference, close to
Distal Away from a point of reference
Hematologist Diseases of the blood, blood forming organs
Ophthalmologist Treats disease of the eye, including surgery
Internist Treats internal organ medically not surgery
Podiatrist Treats feet, routine care for diabetics
Nephrologist Treats and diagnoses disorders of the kidneys
If parents are separated, who is the guarantor? Person who has physical custody
What is the minimum ratio for collections at time of service? 90%
How do we gauge the effectiveness of billing practices? collection ratio which should be 80% or higher
How do we identify how long an account is overdue? Account Aging
What is cycle billing? Divide accounts alphabetically and bill by those groups at a time
When is the time when you are most likely to get an answer for a collection call? 5am-8am
Which type of bond covers all employees and is most beneficial? Blanket-Position
Which type of check has a stub? Voucher Check
Which type of endorsement is used in ambulatory care setting? Restrictive Endorsement
How often should deposits be made? Everyday
What is the name of the document Medicare patients should sign if a service is not covered? Advanced Beneficiary Service (ABN)
What is a charge slip? Provides patient with account activity for one day service
What is the advantage of accepting credit cards? Immediate payment downside-fee
When is the best time to collect for a service? Time of Service
What is the "last resort" for collecting "highly deligquent" accounts? Sendign to collection
How can we best prevent collection problems? Explain payment + policy and remind them
How do we calculate the collection ratio? Receitpts are divided by total amount billed
Account Receivable Money owed to buisness for goods or services already given
Receipts Money paid to a buisness for goods or services
Account Payable Money that a buisness owes for goods or services they received
Disbursements When payed to accounts payable
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