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Chapter 11

Male Reproductive System

bulbourethral/ cowper's gland two glands below the prostate that secrete fluid to lubricate the inside of urethra
ejaculation expulsion of semen outside body
epididymis group of ducts at top of testis where sperm are stored
flagellum tale at ed of sperm that helps it move
foreskin flap of skin covering glans penis; removed by circumcision in many cultures
glans penis sensitve are at tip of penis
penis male reproductive aprt that coers the urethra on outside of body
perineum area between penis and anus
prostate gland gland surrounding urethra that emits fluid to help sperm moev and contracts its muscular tissue during ejaculation to help sperm exit body
scrotum sac outside body containing the testicles
semen thick whitish fluid containing speratozoa and secretions from seminal vesicles, cowper's glands, and prostate; ejaculate from penis
sperm/ spermatozoon male sex cell that contains chromosomes
spermatogenesis production of sperm
testicle/testis pair of male organs that produce sperma nd are contained in scrotum
testosterone primary male hormone
vas degerens narrow tube thru which sperm leave epididymis and travel to seminal vesicles and into urethra
andro men
balano glans penis
epidiymo epidiymis
orcho orchio orchido testes
prostato prostate gland
spermo spermato sperm
aih artificial insemination homologous
bph benign prostatic hypertrophy
ped penile erectile dysfunction
psa prostate-specific antigen
spp suprapubic prostatectomy
tuip transurethral incision of prostate
tuna transurethral needle ablation
turp transurethral resection of prostate
prostate specific antigen test blood test for prostate cancer
semen analysis observation of semen for viability of spem
urethrogram xray of urethra and prostate
anorchism anorchia congenital absence of one or both testicles
aspermia inability to produce sperm
azoospermia semen without living sperm
balanitis inflammation of glans penis
chancroids bacterial infection that can be sexually transmitted; results in sores on penis urethra or anus
cryptochism birth defect with failure of one or both of testicles to descend into scrotal sac
epididymitis inflammation of epididymis
epispadias birth defect with abnormal opening of urethra on top side of penis
hernia abnormal protursion of tissue thru muscle that contains it
hydrocele fluid containing hernia of testis
hypospadias birth defect with abnormal opeing of urethra on bottom side of penis
impotence inability to amintain an erection for ejaculation
infertility inability to fertilize ova
oligospermia scanty production of sperm
peryronie's disease abnormal curvature of penis caused by hardening in interior of penis
phimosis abnormal narrowing of opening of foreskin
priapism persistent painful erection of penis
prostatitis inflammation of prostate
seminoma malignant tumor of testicle
varicocele enlargement of veins spermatic cord
castration removal of testicles
circumcision removal of foreskin
epididymectomy removal of epidiymis
orchidectomy removal of testicle
orchiectomy removal of tesicle
vasectomy removal of part of vasdeferens to prevent conception
vasovasostomy reversal of vasectomy
treatment for benign prostatic hypertrophy cure or relieve enlargement of prostate
treatments for erectile dysfunction achieve or lengthen the duration of erections
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