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Chapter 10

Female Reproductive System

afterbirth placenta and mebranes are expelled from uterus after birh
amnion innermost membrane of sac surrounding fetus during gestation
amniotic fluid surrounding fetus and held by amnion
areola darkish area surounding nipple of reast
bartholin's gland one of two glands on either side of vagina that secrete fluid into vagina
body middle portion of uterus
cervix protective part of uterus located at bottome and protruding thru vaingal wall; contains glands that secrete fluid into vagina
chorion outermost membrane of sac surrounding fetus during gestation
climacteric period of hormonal changes just prior to menopause
clitoris primary organ of femal sexual stimulation located at top of labia minora
coitus sexual intercourse
contraception method of controlling conception by blocking access or interrupting reproductive cycles; birth control
copulation sexual intercourse
condom contraceptive device consisting of rubber or vinyl sheath placed over penis or as lining that covers vaginal canal blocking contac between sperm and female sex organs
corpus luteum structure formed after graafian follicle fills with yellow substance that secretes estrogen and progesterone
diaphragm contraceptive device that covers cervix and blocks sperm from entering; used in conjunction with spermicide
endometrium inner mucous layer of uterus
estrogen one of primary female hormones produced by ovaries
fallopian tube two tubes that lead from ovaries to uterus' uterine tube
fimbriae hairlike ends of uterine tubes that sweep the ovum into uterus
follicle stimulating hormone hormone necessary for maturation of oocytes and ovulation
foreskin fold of skin at top of labia minora
fundus top portion of uterus
gamete sex cell
gestation period of fetal development in uterus; usually 40 weeks
gonad male/female sex organ
graafian follicle follicle in ovary that holds oocyte during development and then erleases it
gavida pregnant women
hormone chemical secretion from glands such as ovaries
hymen fold of mucous membranes covering vagina of young female; usualy ruptures during first intercourse
intrauterine device contraceptive device consisting of coil placed in uterus to block implantation of fertilized ovum
introitus external opening or entranece to hollow organ such as vagina
isthmus narrow region at bottom of uterus opening into cervix
labia majora two folds of skin that form borders of vulva
labia minora two folds of skin between labia majora
lactiferous producing milk
luteinizing hormone hormone essential to ovulation
mammary gland glandular tissue that forms the breasts which respond to cycles of menstruation and birth
menarche first menstruation
menopause time when menstruation ceases; 45-55 yrs old
menstruation cyclical release of uterine lining thru vagina; every 28 days
mons pubis mound of soft tissue in external genitalia covered by pubic hair after puberty
myometrium middle layer of muscle tissue of uterus
nipple projection at apex of breat thru which milk flows during lactation
oocyte immature ovum produced in gonads
ovary one of two glands that produce ova
ovulation release of ovum or rarely more than one ovumas part of monthly cycle that leads to fertilization or menstruation
ovum mature female sex cell produced by ovaries which then tracels to uterus if fertilized it implants in uterus if not it's released during menstruation to outside of body
para woman who has given birth to one or more viable infants
parturition birth
perimenopause three to five year peiod of decreasing estrogen levvels prior to menopause
perimetrium outer layer of uterus
perineum space between labia majora and anus
placenta nutrient rich organ that develops in uterus during preggnancy supples nutrients to fetus
progesterone one of primary female hormones
puberty preteeen or early teen period when secondary sex characterisitics develop and menstruation begins
sinus space between lactiferous ducts and dnipple
spermicide contraceptive chemical that destroys sperm; usually cream or jelly form
sponge polyurethane contraceptive device fillded with spermicide and placed in vagina near cervix
umbilical cord cord that connects placenta to mother's uterus to navel of fetus during gestation for nourishment of fetus
uterine tube two tubes thru which ova travel from an ovary to uterus
uterus female reproductive organ; site of implantation after fertilization or release of lining during menstruation
vagina genital canal leading from uterus to vulva
vulva external female genitalia
amnio manion
cervico cervix
colpo vagina
episio vulva
galacto milk
gyneco female
hystero uterus
lacto lacti milk
mammo breast
masto breast
meno menstruation
metro uterus
oo egg
oophoro ovary
ovi ovo egg
ovario ovary
perineo perineum
salpingo fallopian tube
utero uterus
vagino vagina
vulvo vulva
ab abortion
afp alpha fetoprotein
ah abdominal hysterectomy
cis carcinoma in situ
cs caesarean section
c section caesaren section
cx cervix
d & c dilation and curettage
des diethylstilbestrol
dub dysfunctional uterine bleeding
ecc endocervial curettage
edc expected date of confinement (delivery)
emb endometrial biopsy
ert estrogen replacement therapy
fht fetal heart tones
fsh follicle stimulating hormone
g gravida (pregnancy)
gyn gynecology
hcg human chorionnic gonadotropin
hrt hormone replacement therapy
hsg hysterosalpingography
hso hysterosalpingo-oophorectomy
iud intrauterine device
lh luteinizing hormone
lmp last menstrual period
multip multiparous
ob obstretrics
ocp oral contraceptive pill
p para (live births)
pap smear papanicolaou smear
pmp prevoius menstrual period
pms premenstrual syndrome
primip primiparous (having one child)
pid pelvic inflammatory disease
tah-bso total abdominal hysterectomy with bilateral salpingo-oophorectomy
tss toxic shock syndrome
uc uterine contraceptives
colposcopy exmination of vagina with colposcope
culdoscopy examination of pelvic cavity using endoscope
gynecologist specialist who diagnoses and treats processes and disorders of female reproductive system
hysterosalpingography xray of uterus and uterine tubes after contrast medium injection
hysteroscopy exmination of uterus using hysteroscope
mammography xray imaging of breast as cancer screening method
obstetrician physician who speciliazes in pregnancy and childbirth care
papanicolaou smear gathering of cells from cervix and vagina to observe for abnormalities
pelvimetry measurement of pelvis during pregnancy
abortion premature ending of pregnancy
abruptio placentae breaking away of placenta from uterine wall
amenorrhea lack of menstruation
anovulation lack of ovulation
anteflexion bending forward; as of uterus
carcinoma in situ localixed malignancy that has not spread
cervicitis inflammation of cervix
chlamydia sexually transmitted bacterial infection affecting various parts of male or female reproductive systems; bacterial agent itself
condyloma growth on external genitalia
dysmenorrhea painful menstruation
dyspareunia painful sexual intercourse due to any of various conditions such as cysts infection or dryness in vagina
endometriosis abnormal condition in which uterine wall tissue is found in pelvis or on abdominal wall
fibroid benign tumor commonly found in uterus
gonorrhea sexually transmitted inflammation of genital membranes
kegel exercises exercises to strengthen perineal muscles
leukorrhea abnormal vaginal discharge; usually whitish
mastitis inflammation of breast
menometrorrhagia irregular or excessive bleeding between or during menstruation
menorrhagia excessive menstrual bleeding
metrorrhagia uterine bleeding between menstrual periods
miscarriage spontaneous premature ending of pregnancy
oligomenorrhea scanty menstrual period
oligo-ovulation irregular ovulation
placenta previa placement of placenta so it blocks birth canal
preeclampsia toxic infectino during pregnancy
retroflexion bending backward of uterus
salpingitis inflammation of fallopian tubes
retroversion backward turn of uterus
syphilis sexually transmitted infection
vaginitis inflammation of vagina
amniocentesis removal of sample of amniotic fluid thru needle injected in amniotic sac
aspiration biopsy which fluid is withdrawn thru needle by suction
cauterization removal or destructin of tissue using chemicals or devices such as laser guided equipment
conization removal of coneshaped section of cervix for examination
cryosurgery removal or destruction of tissue using cold temps
culdocentesis taking fluid smaple from base of pelvic cavity to see if ectopic pregnancy has ruptured
hysterectomy removal of uterus
laparoscopy use of lighted tubular instrument inserted thru woman's navel to perform tubal ligation or to exmine fallopian tube
lumpectomy removal of breast tumor
mammoplasty plastic surgery to reconstruct breast particularly after mastectomy
mastectomy removal of breast
mastoplexy surgical procedure to attach sagging breast in a more normal position
myomectomy removal of fibroids from uterus
oophorectomy removal of ovary
salpingectomy removal of fallopian tube
salpingotomy incision into fallopian tube
abortifacient medication to prevent implantation of ovum
birth control pills or implants medication that controls the flow of hormones to block ovulation
hormone replacement therapy treatment with hormones when body stops or decreases production of hormones by itself
morning after pill abortifacient
oxytocin hormone given to induce labor
tocolytic agent hormone given to stop labor
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