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Chapter 9 Pullin

The Glory of Ancient Rome

An official count of all the people living in Rome The Census
Rome was the center of Religion, politics, and culture
Roman social class had a _______ number of upper class and a _______ number of lower class Small; Large
Another name for a country estate Villa
Describe the life of the poor - Poorly built housing - Garbage and waste carried downstairs or dumped out of window - No running water - No toilets - No kitchens
Which crop was vital to the poor? Wheat
An arena where games were held was called a Circus
A person who fights to the death in the arenas Gladiator
The government supported the __________ class Upper
Paterfamilias means Father of the family
In Rome, the role of the woman was to Have kids
Describe slavery in Rome - No Rights - Very Common - Gladiators and miners
The founder of Christianity Jesus Christ
The Jewish homeland was Judea
Where was Jesus born? Bethlehem
Part of the Christian Bible where you can find stories about how Jesus lived and taught New Testament
Followers of Jesus who told stories about his life and teachings Disciples
The four stories written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John about Jesus and his life The Gospels
What are some Christian beliefs? - God is loving and forgiving - Love your neighbors as yourself - Heaven
Being put to death by being nailed on a cross Crucified
The most devoted follower of Jesus and his teachings Saul/Paul
Epistles Letters; Most were written by Paul/Saul
Someone who is not Christian, Muslim, or Jewish Pagan
Believer is dipped in water to wash away sin Baptism
Done is memory of Jesus and the Last Supper Lord's Supper/Eucharist
Why did Rome fear Christianity and begin to persecute Christians? The Christians were not paying respect to their gods and the emperor.
Which emperor was in charge if Rome when it burned? Nero. Nero was the main culprit behind the fires.
Who did Nero say burned Rome down? The Christians
To treat in a cruel or unjust way repeatedly Persecution
Which emperor encouraged Christianity? Constantine
Which four reasons caused the fall of Rome? 1) Weak, corrupt rulers, 2) Economic issues, 3)A mercenary army, and 4) the size of the empire
Foreign soldiers who fight for money are called Mercenaries
Eonomic situation in which more money circulates, but the money has less value Inflation
Messiah Means Savior
Place where Jesus grew up Nazareth
Christians v Jews Christians believe that Jesus is the messiah
Diocletian Imprisoned Christian priests
Commodus Allowed the Senate to be destroyed
Germanic tribes Invaders from the north
Romulus Augustulus Last Roman emperor
Created by: loganpullin