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Indigo Module

Integumantary Terminology

adiposis ab.co of fat
anhidrosis ab.co of no sweat
cryotherapy cold therapy
dermatomycosis ab.co of skin fungus
dermatotherapy treatment of skin
diaphoresis carry through/tranmission
epidermis above skin
hemangioma tumor of blood vessels
hidradentitis inflammation of sweat glands
homo-graft transplant skin from same donor
hyperesthesia excessive feeling
hypodermic p2 below the skin
ichthyosis ab.co of scaly/dry
keratosis ab.co of hard/horny tissue
lipcele herniation or swelling of fat
lipocyte fat cell
lipoma tumor of fat
lumpectomy surgical removal of a lump
melanoma black tumor
pilonidial hair nest
pyoderma skin pus
seborrhea discharge of fat
steatorrhea discharge fat
squamous scales
steatitis inflammatiom of fat
sudoresis co of sweat
trichopathy disease of hair
xenograft transplant of foreign skin
Mohs layers of cancer-containing skin progressively removed and examined until only cancer-free tissue remains
vitiligo localized loss of skin pigmentation characterized by milky white patches
antiparasites kills insect parasites, such as mites and scabies
antihistamines inhibit allergic reactions of inflammation, redness and itching released by histamine
corticosteriods dease inflammation and ithcing by suppressing the immune system's inflammitory reponse to tissue damage
antifugal alter the cell wall of fungi or disrupt enzyme activity, resulting in cell death
protectives used to cover, cool, dry or soothe inflamed skin
chemical peel chemical removal of the outer layers of skin to treat acne scarring and general keratosis aka chemical abrasion
macule flat pigmented, circumscribed are less than 1cm in diamater, mole, freckle
vesicle elevated, circumscribed fluid-filled leison less than.05 diamater aka blister
wheal elevated, firm rounded leison with localized skin edema, accompanied by itching, hives, insect bites, uriticaria
nodule palpable, cirumscribed leison larger and deeper than papule 0.5-2.0 cm diameter extends to dermal layer, nevus, benign or malignat tumor
papule sold elevated lesion less than 1 cm maybe same colour as skin, nevus, wart, pimple, ringworm, psoriasis, eczema
pustule small raised lesion containing pus less than 1cm, acne, furuncle (boils) pustular psoriasis, scabies
bulia a vesicle or blister larger than 1 cm, second degree burns, severe poison ivy or oak
synthesis forming a complex substance by the union of simper compound elements
Bowen Disease for of intraepidermal carcinoma characterized by red-brown scaly or crusted lesions that resemble psoriasis or dermatitis.
fulguration tissue distruction by electric current, also called electrodesiiccation
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