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Chapter 11 Test

World History chapter 11

Why was India called the “Jewel in the Crown”? Great Britain’s most valuable colony
How did Menelik II keep colonial interests out of Ethiopia? Exploited European rivalries and built a modern army.
What is Geopolitics? Take over a territory for strategic location or resources. Example- Crimean War
Explain Paternalism. Parental-natives must be taken care of like children
Why did thousands of Boers move North during the Great Trek? To escape the British
What was the main reason for the Crimean War? To give Russia a warm water port on Black Sea- did not win.
What happened as a result of the Berlin Conference of 1884-1885? Divided up Africa into colonies with no input from native leaders
What was the main cause of inadequate food supplies in Africa during the era of European Colonization? A shift from food crops to cash crops
Why did Britain take control of the Suez Canal? The Egyptians could not pay their foreign debt
What happened as a result of the Sepoy Mutiny? British government took direct control of India
What best describes the borders created in Africa at the end of the 19th century? Unnaturally divided
What did the European policy of paternalism reflect? They should be watched over and taken care of
What happened to the Ottoman Empire by 1914? Declined to about 1/3 of its greatest size.
In which country did Muhammad Ali institute a series military and economic reforms? Egypt
The Suez Canal was built from the combined efforts of which 2 Countries? French and Egyptians
What does the term Raj refer to? Dominated by Britain
Who were the Sepoys? Indian soldiers that serve the British East India Company
What caused the Sepoy Mutiny? Religious reasons, resentment of British rule, and nationalism
Queen Liliuokalani was the last monarch of _______. Hawaii
Which U.S. interest group pushed for the annexation of Hawaii? Sugar-cane plantation owners
List Countries located on the Pacific Rim Singapore, Philippines, Indochina,
What was the main reason for the U.S. colonization of Singapore? harbor or port
Explain Indirect Control. Local government officials used, limited self-rule, goal is to develop future leaders, government institutions are based on European styles but may have local rules.
Explain Direct Control. Foreign officials brought into rule, so self-rule, goal is assimilation, government institutions are based only on European styles.
Created by: aemiller